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Of baseball that you could possibly watch. What a game. What a game! Oh, my goodness, if you've missed what happened last night Going to take it through it, But what you saw was just absolutely unbelievable Baseball and I'm Vince Quinn with you come to you live from the rocket mortgage studios when you need certainty in the home buying process with alone that fits your life Rocket Ken. So what happened? Well, what you have is a game where there is just such a ridiculous amount of back and forth as the drama builds throughout the night. Now, early in the game, it goes to the Dodgers solo shots, putting up a couple of home runs on the board. Okay? Ray's respond with the home run. What do you know? It's a Rosa Raina, who's just completely out of his mind in these playoffs, so he gives you a big home run. He sets a record more on that later. He's setting a lot of records. But what you see throughout the rest of the night from the fifth inning on is just a constant seesaw. Of big hits, Crazy plays and again unforgettable baseball. And so what happens is where this culminates You have an incredible sequence of events that happens in the bottom of the ninth inning. Dodgers are up Okay? 7 to 6. And what you get. Is a Rosa Raina coming up to the plate against Kenley Jansen. Now the Dodgers naturally have to have a little bit of a huddle because the night before a Rose Arena hits a home run off a Kenley Jansen Sofer Kenley Jansen to be facing a rose arena. In the bottom of the ninth with men on that is the nightmare scenario now. It ends up being okay. Okay. They welcome full count. Then that walking him fun. Not the worst thing That could happen, right? You're still in it. You still have the lead. Bye. With the next batter, Brett Phillips comes to the plate and this happens. And the pitch on the way Light Bright center..

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