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To the noise outside of the dressing room. Good for him. Good for him. But he did explain it in an acceptable fashion for me. But then more recently, last couple of days, he's now defending his lack of production of late based on a focus of playing better defensively. You buy in it? I mean, is that what you're seeing in his game? I don't know. I mean, he's bouncing back and forth between wing and centers, probably not very easy for anybody. With the year that horvath had and pedersen's clearly, their best player. He's had pedersen's had a terrific year. All of a sudden, if Miller's at center, he's your third center. That's probably not the place you want to play him, and that's probably not the set of wingers that you probably want to play him with. So that's a bit of an issue. When he plays, you know, he's pretty clearly he's an emotional guy. And I connect a little bit with him because, you know, I did things that I just wish I didn't do. It can almost guarantee you he wished he wasn't banging the back of the net. Screaming at people. He did the moment stuff, right? In the moment, and it bothers me when people write and say, oh, you know, he was an aggressive. He was aggressive towards a teammate. You don't really have time there to go, hey, Colin. If you don't mind, could you head to the bench? You don't really have time for that. No. Now you'd like to be a little more polite in everyday society, but at the time you're like, get the to the bench. Yeah. Yeah. Right? You know you're running out of time. You don't, so that's my defense of that. You shouldn't do it the way that he did it though. No. You just shouldn't. Last year to the production 99 points, career year. Everybody has one. That's why they call it a career year. He's not going to do it again. It doesn't mean he's not an effective player. If you get 75 points out of JT Miller and you get a more complete more well rounded game, then I don't think anybody would be disappointed with that. His numbers might be the people that pick them in their draft pool might be disappointed. But I think a lower point total more complete player is probably a really good thing. Now, can he get there? Is he getting less points because he's trying to play a more complete game? I don't know, I don't know about that. But if I'm honestly, if I'm coaching, I'm going to say, look, JT, I understand you're an emotional guy. Don't do that again. It's not a good look. It's not a good look for you. It's not a good look for our team. I get all of it, but just let's not do that again. All right, let's wrap up headlines with the winter classic. We had Caroline on our list because they won 11 consecutive games. I think we should call it The Rain dregs bump because we had rod brindle moron, not that long ago. And that team has been white hot since then, but it feels like we'll have opportunity moving forward to talk about Caroline. So staying in the moment, the winter classic yesterday afternoon. I don't know. I feel like, I mean, I know it's a fan based event. And I know that the players in the clubs buy into it. I loved the fact. And I don't know whose idea this was. I'm going to find out. The Boston Bruins arriving wearing Boston Red Sox old unis. Did you see that? See, but if that Steve mayor from the NHL or whomever came up with that idea, that is the spirit of the winter classic. The players bought in like Brad marchand looked like an old Boston Red Sox player. Since he's walking in, you know, just looks like that. Beyond that, it is a spectacle. I feel like you have to be there to truly get it to feel it to get that wholesome takeaway. Otherwise, as we watch it on TV, it's just another game. You know, it just looks like another game. But in the moment, it's bigger than that. And so big day for Jacob rusk with a couple of goals. What is it about this? Well, first of all, I mean, offer a quick thought on just the winner classic overall and then what is it about the bruins? How do they keep rolling rate? They just dig themselves out of adversity every single time. Well, the touch on the game, I think you hit all the hit all the points, drakes. There's a certain faction that say there's too many outdoor games. You shouldn't play anymore. It started out as a national spectacle. And then it's become more of a local markets thing that we show on national TV. And the local markets love it. And that's why there's going to continue to be more of them. And it looks like it would be really fun to be there. Like the people look like they had a good time. I thought the game was kind of a dud. It was a bit flat. And that's the way games can be in the regular season. Outdoor game is about the venue and everything around it. Once the game starts, the cameras can't show, like they can have 8000 cameras there. It doesn't matter. You got to show the rank. The link's 200 by 85. It's all you can show. It doesn't matter if they got the green monster in the background. You can't see it. You can if you're there, but so it's a location based event. I think it best serves when you're there. As far as the bruins. So I worried coming into the array could they stay in the mix until all their injured guys got back from off season surgery. I didn't realize they weren't going to lose a home game here and now we're in the January. I didn't think I didn't think I didn't trust that David krejci was going to be able to come back and make such an impact. So there are two centers. There are two top centers or 37 years old. The only the only roadblock I see for them is health to those center to bergeron and creature. Because this is a well balanced team, they play a style that is really aggressive. They get scoring from a bunch of different places. Like, remember, Nick foligno was on waivers. And Jim Montgomery said, I think he can get ten goals this year. And he's going to do it. And he looks terrific. So the bottom of their lineup is better. Their defense is really good. Line is all Mark has been rewarding. He's got it as pocket right now. I think now he's 20 and one and one. Like how's that for a start? You know, so the bruins are and there's one other thing, Drake, and of course you can't quantify this. You can't touch it, you can't feel it. You just have, it's just there. And that's their chemistry, the way they fit, it just seems perfect right now in Boston. And if I were dawn Sweeney, I'd be really nervous about tinkering too much with this team come up to the deadline here. I know there's some rumors about Patrick Kane. I love Patrick Kane as a player fantastic. Yeah. But what if you drop them in there and it throws the mix? Like what if they were able to make a deal for a significant addition like that? And that happens. That happens. It always does. They get Taylor hall playing on a third line with Charlie Coyle. He's had a fantastic year. That line is a problem for teams to match up against. And then yesterday, things don't work. Montgomery moves the deck chairs around a little bit and all of a sudden, different lines, different players, hall sets up the de brusque game winner and Jake de brosco got a big day, you know? And so it's fun. I enjoyed watching it, but I think it's best when you're there. That's my guess. I think it's best when you're there. I've been to them, haven't you? Yeah. I've never been to one. I went to modern Vancouver, but it was in the dome. It was inside. No, and I've enjoyed my experiences. I've been to a couple of heritage classics, a winter classic at Yankee Stadium. I've enjoyed them when I'm there, you know? And I'd like to take my family because when you're there, even though you can't see much, it just feels like you're oh, you know what? I wasn't an old door game. The outdoor winter classic at the world junior. An amazing day in Buffalo, about 42 feet of snow. Those poor shovelers, the guys that came over. Oh my God, they must all had back issues by the end of it. There was so much snow. And it was an amazing day. We've got a question about the bruins and the penguins. So think about this as we continue the podcast. Don't answer again. It's on Instagram. It's part of Oscar and Greg's anything. But a question about which team will have more Hall of Famers who are currently playing on the roster of the penguins or the Boston Bruins. So there you go. Those are your headlines. Thanks as always to Boston pizza. Well, for the first time in 2023, we're pleased to welcome in Chris Albert, the presentation of the town of dot C, now available

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