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They make it way. Yeah and then. We switched our cell phone providers to something much much cheaper and rice and beans rice and beans. We we cut cable. We you know we went to we did that. We also did. Then you got to play with your kids into We did lots of things like that. We also You know we went from buying like You know quote like healthier food like you know. Some of the organic stuff to where he went to To buying all generics all the and places like that really you know. We saw just switching grocery stores. We knocked her grocery bill down by like six hundred bucks a month which is crazy. So things We just made a lot of a lot of little changes and a lot of telling children. No but hey we kinda wanted. Just think well. It's not in the budget and we can't do this month or let's look at it next month and i think the biggest thing for us to do it all was really improve communication skills for even though you know we were sharing bank accounts. Everything else Our money was running two different directions. We had goals for ourselves and not necessarily Yeah we weren't talking together about as much and you know at this point we've been married six years. We began this journey so we should have already been on the same page but it was in different directions. This really helped us pull together. And we didn't every dollar together every month and sat down and think the i probably eight or nine months. She hated that time of the month. And then we kinda got better as we used to it and make adjustments and You know learning how to work on a budget and things and we dealt with setbacks. I mean we had a. We had about twenty dollars in medical bills. We had a cash flow through the beginning of this so she had had some major surgeries. We had to do some that and we also had a by new. Hvac system we had to do. Oh fact always likes to show up. We're trying to make headway financially. What would you say to couples out there. That aren't on the same page there here. This and they're shaking their heads and go. We're not on the same page financially. You guys got on saint page. Would you say to encourage them. I mean i think just finding you're finding your y getting your goal and then really just finding a way to communicate. Adjust how. I spoke to her money. Because if. I wasn't careful. The way i spoke about money came off to her like i was either be condescending or was or i was not value told her because we had different different things important. And i think. I mean from your end. Basically i been very privileged my whole life so being told no was not really exciting but you know not really learning to live like within your means and below your means to make sacrifices really was rewarding You know it's a good feeling to be to look back and see what if accomplished. Yeah that's awesome. So who are your cheerleaders. Who are the people that really cheer you on and stayed with you through the journey. We definitely family You know her parents especially in mind too as well but her your parents who are the ones who had it through after you back in high school. They were followers of the program. We're kind of encouraging us on and You know in our and my my dad step mom is well. We had some good folks in From family and friends that our corner from friends from our church where really encouraging as well. That's awesome in the kiddos. I see that they're here with you. We're going to bring them up just a moment. But did they get it like or they or they kinda in tuned. And how did they contribute. Well they after saying no to so many things for so long figured we had to kind of tell them why at some point. We explained the concept of debt. And they're like. Why would you do that. That seems silly like well. Yes out of the mouth of babes come wisdom right so but They they started to understand what you're doing and they were excited for us and we're talking about it. And then sometimes they would tell each other or and our oldest sues with his grandmother today but you know he reminded no. We're not doing that because you know we're because mommy daddy in debt working on stuff and so police each other a little bit so good well see. They've joined just tell us who they are and their their names and ages please. This is fm. He has seven. This is lydia. He has six. we got it. F- and lydia. That is so awesome and now have they been practicing their scream. Are they ready to go. Yes sir. I think it's time you john right. Let's we're going to get your copy legacy journey. Because that's the next step where y'all headed and we're gonna give you a copy of money makeover so you can give it away to somebody who you think would benefit from. It changed her life as well. Yeah so please pass that along all right here. We go john. And catherine f-from and lydia. They paid off eighty seven thousand dollars. Eighty seven five hundred eleven dollars actually in twenty eight months making one hundred five thousand two hundred and forty thousand dollars. Let's hear your debt. Free screen guys. Three to one. That i love it. So good. Way to go kiddos. They nailed it as a happy family. John didn't quite a sacrifice. Yes but it's two years and then every single thing is different. You're right. I mean that's it little bit of storm a little bit of hustle for peace and an unbelievable future ahead of this young family. Beautiful beautiful great stuff. he is dr john baloney. I'm kit coleman. And you're listening to the ramsey show Welcome back to the ramsey show. Ken coleman joined by my colleague john. Baloney we're here to take your calls about your life your money your work. Your relationships mental emotional health whole nine yards. Let's go triple eight eight to five five. Two five is the number. Triple eight to five five two.

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