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I think I'm going through menopause because one second I'm boiling hot one second freezing cold. What is going on? I'm not getting sick. We're GONNA talk about that. I'm not getting sick but I just walked in Pristina Darling and it was freezing right. Shut the door Berg. Put on the Cardigan. What's going on? I feel like a sweat on my lip. Yeah what's going on. Climate change is it. Is it. Well Yeah I wish he was here. I do tend to sweat. That's right off the Bat I do too. I love it when fans on and windows windows open. You know how I love my fans who do sleep with one. I also have a fan of my bed no anyway gosh. There's so much going on and I'm hot and the dogs are walking. Everyone's talking about dogs dog. Everyone settled down to a Nikki's not here. I'm telling you it just goes off the rails malone. Can you correct door getting over this. Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah. Listen the Nikki's not here. But don't you worried uncle Ross. Got You covered all right. Not going to be some sausage fest up. Well kind of is yeah. I got big news on the flip side. We got cookie elephants filling in for Nicole boy eight today. Lots to talk about Please give me that and I love some. He's the best friend you wish you had. And no you need this money. Now here he is. Ross Matthew Talk Shows Suites John and we're GONNA be all right. Ah Yes we welcome to talking to the perfect do please your cookie. Yellow fonzie sitting in for Nickel Boyer. Oh yea hello everybody so happy. You're here cookie. Of course everyone knows cookie. Cookie was a listener into our program than a a major contributor. I believe was missing straight. Talk two thousand eighteen seventeen. I still am because we haven't had another one. Only I've been never did another one so that's for that's a lifer he's alive also here is arts. Hello everyone and Mrs Sir Faxing Malone Hello Facsimile was going to have you open that window but we said No. Because you've been sick you you're you're wrapped up in. What's what's this about so ill I don't know I actually think it's a cold slash flu really hard? How did it work through it all? Well I started getting the scratchy throat back there and then my own. Oh No. It can't be just progressed. Yeah I don't really hard and as you get Kamai Age. It feels like when you know told me I'm not getting it was looking around and I just tell you I'm so happy I didn't go to Puerto Vallarta because I all I can imagine if I would have went I would have been sick and has diarrhea on top of it. That's when you get back you go after a big debate I said where'd you please. I said Ma'am Keno. I said Oh my God you hear this coughing. Oh my God Ma'am podcast. I noticed I came back. I said I said surreal. You get breakfast. He's like no. I'm sick I'm so sick in the first week of my mouth. Where are we wish? Excuse me I was that last one checked out. I said I said well you have been ticky became Iras era. You Win and gotten sick. He said no sicker. I don't think he would have got sick. I think that was Karma telling you you should have come to know what I think. I got sick of our argument. The last episode. That's why I got sick the stress. How bad was it cold? Ross it's bad bad bad like I went down down like I said like sleeping and I can't get sick the I you know I can't. I got thirty cities coming so I'm taking Vitamin Agency of a is there an anal optional ticket. I'm I'm washed. Remains worn micro bloody this. How did you all right over there with the socks on this morning that I get in the shower I oh that hurt and they get in shower and I looked down and it looks? There's blood in the bottom of the bathtub bathtub coming coming up my foot so I had to go to the pharmacy and I get bands band AIDS. No no wonder why I'd meanings wearing a cute look Gucci thing. I can't fill it up with blood I gotta got band AIDS and I walk in and there's this whole line. Everyone's like they're all dripping. God this I was behind this guy in line right there and so and then I'm like I don't want to sign. I do apple pay. I don't want to sign anything anything I'm like. I want to get the carnal my hand I asked the lady I go. How do you not get sick? And she goes well. There was no answer. She'd sit. There is no answer. Well that was the hands of a cookie here. Have you been sick cookie. Did you get sick. You know the famous veteran system. I'm I'm like that too actually cookies. And I've said this cookies are full of vitamins. I never get sick. When's the last time you got sick like two or three years ago and it was probably for like three days? It took like day off work. I never get sick but I shouldn't say that because now I'm probably GonNa go home and get Megan if you if you show often confident with tongue right now. Let's roll the dice baby. He's got a little baby. uh-huh walk the talk over fact. It wouldn't get sick because I did. I I was talking. I I know for a fact you wouldn't get sick because I have been talking to somebody for a little while we were planning on going going on a date but he was sick but he wouldn't not get not sick so we're just like let's just go anyways and I think insects so good so you went on a date with somebody who is sick and you did you did you. This is Selena Selena. She does this thing. Called a backward sneeze dogs you know it's just hard breathing But she sounds you know what this is. What Salinas Dungle Baby? She sounds like this Lena. Stop not little dogs. Do it in the dome. You can't get your brush. Oh I love you baby. See what you did cookie so so you only got so distracting. Lena can you hear that. Let let me see me. Oh Oh oh Mama Emma it's okay that is so cute I love you. She's just a little excited. Just a little selene she she get. There's so much going on the little e wall so okay so cookie so tell me more hor hold. That's right exactly. It was this guy mark. Oh my God who told you know. Cookie had a famous dream about blowing. Mark Everybody knows that nightmare to completion. So don't go to deepen cookie social life because we have a lot coming. We're going to talk about all right. I do have to say if you is all are familiar with a burrito girl now breakfast burrito girl. She's the girl who went through the drive through at this place we like gave me a free breakfast Burrito and then gave fags e free breakfast Burrito. I can't stop thinking about breakfast. Burrito girl well tell news that she updated her instagram. We'll first of all I love. I love this girl so much. I looked on her or instagram and she branded herself as Burrito girl like her instantly profile says Burrito. Tell you the sense of pride I had handled handle. She says I'm I'm Burrito girl underneath. That's heard bio on her instagram. What was the name of her commander? Well we'll tell you hook up up some snack attacks for us. I know Okay so I went up to Washington. State you guys for the fundraiser for my From my mom's hospital balls deep with you on I'm talking about and by the way your voice is kind of very be Arthur C. I can't get sixty two at can't KOCIC. What if I get sick on this to put it in your head? I'm not getting sick. Why would you put that in my head? I didn't lighting me again. The door behind you to let it behind it because it's all holding inside gone. I'm going to get pneumonia. Can't tell you storing yeah about Prestige Darling. It probably wouldn't do this but I'm going to anyway but this is this is where we do the backup matthew. Our engineer comes early to set it all up and he came out and see Genera in the living room freak out here fag. He goes. I might lead lead a little La Policy Info spray or something for that room and I was like what what are like. What I'm thinking is the energy he goes? I on tooted a little bit in there. My God I know I know. He honesty he party darling. I would've left studio.

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