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And you think about where they are and you say well I'm happy there at least above five hundred sure that's great but then, maybe the brass of the giants looks at, it and says well if we, didn't go through those injuries maybe we're a, team competing for the number. One spot in the National League West I would still question that a little bit I'd say even with a full year of Bumgarner I'm not sure this offense. Was good enough to. Get you the first place maybe it was maybe seven eight ten. More Bumgarner starts in the first, half would have, got you there I'd. Say you're going to need all those starts in the second. Half that would be my number one key for the giants in the second half used Madison Bumgarner as much as you can use them this is a guy capable of, throwing two hundred plus innings every year. Including going deep into the postseason we. Saw it for the first I don't know six years of his. Career and then two thousand seventeen last year he had the injury reduced, down with a shoulder the giants. Were careful with them coming back Still. Not two hundred innings and then this year No workout is. Arm it's just. A broken bone in his hand run out there. The giants have got three off days. In August they've got four off days in September. You can utilize those off days to a give these young starters in an Andy. Swore isn't Derek Rodriguez a. Couple of days off maybe you mix and. Match you throw one of them in the pan maybe you bring Derek all Linden for a spot. Start or you move Madison Bumgarner up a start now we get into. That funnel money into September. With three off days you can really manipulate that that rotation I was, think about in the first half of the season and we saw this a little bit early this year with. The Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees we sat right before the all-star break here with the Oakland a.'s in that teams will oftentimes try to the dodgers do it to the giants every time it's why they see Clayton Kershaw. Does not matter time of day time of year if the dodgers. Are in the. Midst of a twenty game stretch it doesn't matter the giants will see Clayton Kershaw almost every time they face. The LA dodgers they, make sure that's the thing the Oakland. A.'s major the giants See. Two left lefties based on how poorly they face left these are also the giants have seen more lefties than. Any team in all, of baseball The Boston. Red Sox in New York, Yankees did, it a little bit earlier, this year but I'd heard an interview with Alex Cora manager of. The Red Sox at one point. He said you know in may and, in June it's, not quite as important for him to to match. Up starters you gotta win every series anyway now the we're in too late July, moving into August it's time to start matching up for those series the giants are going to, see three tough series coming out of the. Break your they'll get the as they will go up to Seattle for, a two-game set against the Mariners and then they will get the Milwaukee Brewers now the brewers are going to. Open against against the dodgers at home but this is sort. Of funky thinking about and Phil Taylor of the athletic on a piece on this yesterday He wrote an article about how the Milwaukee Brewers will open, at home and he's he's mostly speaking on Josh Hader here the the Milwaukee Brewers left handed relief pitcher who All that all that, stuff came to came to light. The other day during the all star game about his Racially insensitive tweets I think I was being sensitive by calling them just racially insensitive This. Those of all come to light now. And the giants will, be the first team he has the face outside of Milwaukee so San Francisco fans. You'll get to be. The ones, to let them know how you feel about it it'll be an interesting I mean the only thing that's. Been, handed down for major league baseball here has been a mandate of sensitivity training again this is a..

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