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Then you have deal. P man assets sa that. You're four mobs deal would be like this iga max and then lcd. You're looking at your frozen aca. Radha target market so all three different light sources the best way to explain them a form labs uses a laser pointer it reflects so it's it's really fine tune that's why it takes so long. It's a small light source adele p. You have to think of like a projector about early. Two thousands were all about this projector screens. Were blown that image up on the wall watcher. Favorite sunday football Same technology being so that image is being displayed through. That print. plate in the light of the image is creating that formation as it passes through that resin lcd okay. This is where i've been working most recently years. I i was kinda stuck in deal for a long time. this is a light array in you can think of your tv now led lcd iphone. Screens this is the technology. we're using. Why have i put so many eggs in a basket or lcd going forward while still have that projector from the early two thousands or do you have a really nice samson curve like i do exactly no. It's it's an older technologies which is yeah and you know i it's gonna die out so one thing and technology we can see time and time again is kind of the development of those areas so as popular as deal p is right now. I'm sure it's going to be around for quite a while longer. It's fantastic technology but seeing being surpassed by lcd. Four a modern technology. I mean these are things that are just starting in most of the lcd. Printing technology actually came from the newest apple iphone and the money that in the research development that apple put into that for that new apple screen. You know how many small three d. printing companies have that much money to invest in technology. Like that like none basically laid around for other people to do it for you. So you can kind of their so after. He printed his model today on lcd. He just used really laugh at this. I keep like instruments by my lab game so during one of these yet so you know this is like the check your resin everyday not mess. He's holding she's holding a kitchen spatula silicone kitchens bachelor one. I cook with. I did it for reference the other day in industry. I'd right here with me. you know. i'm like hey you have to use something like this. Sometimes english isn't the first language is a picture thousand words that whole deal. Yeah exactly so you know. I have my instruments of choice in kind of preference that they buys a startup kit so he used his scraper in rubber mallet and he gets slightly Knock those models off. And then i believe in a two part cleaning system i do dirty wash and a clean wash they. He'd an alcohol bath for three minutes on dirty and then three minutes to clean and then after that he brought the models to fool air dry they want any wet residue leftover alcohol you can use assisted air to blow it off and then it was a final cure of five minutes in a lightboxes validated. With that material is in i. I mean it goes on to technical for me. This light oxygen. He has only one side so he did three minutes on one side and he did you know to the other. Sure and his motto is ready to go Depending on your setup that you have what alcohol station or wash station you're using or what light beer station you're using your processes is always going.

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