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Driving home with you, Brandon krisztal back with us Kathy back with us. Good to see good to see. Right. Let me just see Kathy would be K injured in a car wreck. My weekend wasn't an injury. How's the head doing? What how's your head doing? What was the question? Yeah. Okay. Good. Actually, surprisingly, I am no worse for the wear or barely Staples in my head, and it's a little swollen. But the neck and back pain, isn't what I thought it might be bright and residual stuff. I didn't have any concuss concussion episodes over the weekend, you know, nausea, vomiting or your car. Awful. Yeah. And it's funny because depends on who. Yes. Some say, it's total some say, it's not and I could go either way because I wouldn't mind new cards five year old car. But also like it it runs. Well, it's twenty fourteen Nissan rogue. It's durable. It safe insurance company sac. They haven't Senate assessor out. So this is the lady at the auto body shop who is not an assessor Nora mechanic said I don't know, maybe it's not total. So whose fault was the accident? The roads. For seventy construction. Maybe not. I mean, it was terrible conditions a one person axios a one person accident, so mostly I guess if we had to blame anyone I'm still gonna blame the road myself. So nobody thought somebody hit the wall hit the wall. Started. So I was driving and there's this huge puddle on four seventy between Wadsworth and Santa Fe and cars hitting the world going fifty ish miles an hour, whatever forty five miles an hour, just with traffic and just huge wall of water. And I see the car is breaking reminded me of that scene of days of thunder. Where you can't really see the cars in front of you. And then you see the brake lights, and I swerved to avoid one car thing for sure I'm gonna hit this Grand Cherokee in front of me. And then just lose control and start hydroplaning and slam right into the wall. And then I you know, I never lost consciousness. I'm checking to make sure all my arms and legs work. And I see the blood streaming down from my head and call my wife. She calls nine one one. And they were there within five minutes. I asked Brandon I go what did your head hit got cut right there? It's an awkward place for real. Maybe right here. I don't think I I don't think I hit the wheel. I think probably there at the window or the little handle thing. That's just above the window. Maybe the seat belt thing. That's almost too far back. It didn't shatter the window. And I've got a pretty thick head unless Nissan makes really good windows. Maybe you're pretty short. Do you? Correct. Your seat like way up high. So you're it's not it's not unelected. I short joke of the bid the rental car. Does. My wife's. The ceiling. He hit his head because the window break. If you hit it on the window thinking for him to be high enough to hit the little Brandon, actually, don't see the car. And I don't know if you if you were doing this during this particular time, but if you saw Brandon eighty s car he's got the seat so high his belly button is at the same level as the top of the steering wheel. I've seen. His head is like right up on the head. Hit my head on the top of the roof. Thank you, look like one of those stitches was coming loosen. I can help you with that. Okay. Practice. Sound like Friday. He wanted to be part of that. I was not in a hurry to come back. And then I even had some friends over the weekend on Facebook. Because I put up the pictures letter by knows, okay? They're like don't let Dave and Rick staple your. One year in pre med, okay? Give me socks every morning. Well, there's that. I didn't get a tetanus shot. I can't remember the last time. I had one Ben. I remember because I had to get one as a teenager at this camp I worked at and my best friend's mom ran the camp. And I'm like, well what happens if I do get tetanus. She goes Wiki get lockjaw, which wouldn't be the worst thing in the world. But then you could also die. And then your mom would be mad at me. So we're gonna do it too. But you don't even know what you hit. The derail the guard. I definitely hit the concrete median car. Oh, no needed a tetanus shot. It's usually because they think it's gonna get infected. Hadn't had one and because of the Staples and stuff. Gotcha. Cathy, you weren't here on Friday to hear this. The tow truck driver got a bunch of blood on them. And they had to call an has Matt team has met suits to clean all the blood out when they got to the when they got to the body shop. I'm telling you mind about Pulp Fiction was was a good one at the time a lot of blood and that cars well before we check traffic. Jerry's been holding on a longtime, Jerry you're on KOA. Hey, guys, how you doing? Hey, good. Hey, how are you Jerry? I'm doing good. I'm a I'm a displaced jeans had here in Colorado. And I just wanted to get your take on Matt with four. I mean from what I read about the guy. I mean, he obviously he's young. And he sees the complacent here in the locker room in the coaching staff and what the players, and I agree with that. I was actually one of the guys calling for Mike McCarthy's had on a plate. Not a not that gets Mike love gas. But I think it was time for him to move on. But what what's your take on the floor? I I know what I've read about the guy, but what's your take on it? Yeah. I'd say I I don't know him personally. But he's he's in that Sean McVeigh sorta thing in Rick Yune are talking about this and Kathy to last week. I mean, Sean McVeigh's had such great success as soon as he hit the ground is the head coach of the Rams that I think other teams and owners look at that and say I want one of those guys young guy offense of minded thinks outside the box, and by all accounts, Matla Fluor sort of fits that Bill knows you're going to have that kind of success in Green Bay. I don't know how he coexist with Aaron Rodgers to me will be the key data will be interesting. You wonder if Rodgers will have any respect for them or will Roger just be running? It any. He's he just does whatever. Aaron Rodgers want debt might be. What happens you gotta give Rogers? I would think you'd lean towards Rogers more than this guy. Right. Yeah. I think I think. Format with fleurs standpoint. He's probably got a pretty.

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