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Of now is believed to be someone who was trying to help in this entire situation. One suspect has been shot and killed. That suspect is being described as the gunman. In all of this, A shelter in place order has been lifted in old town. It's Fox 31. Denver is Michael Canopus, Zach and the officer, identified as Gordon Beasley, a 19 year veteran. Sweeping election reform bill will get a vote today in the Senate, but it's expected to fail. White House press Secretary Jin sake acknowledge. Democrats don't have the votes for the for the People Act, which would expand early voting and automatically register Americans to vote. But she said President Biden remains committed to voting rights and is open to making changes to the filibuster. The president has has spoken to his support for a talking filibuster in the past, and at times other members have as well. Republicans say the election reform legislation is a power grab, noting elections are held on a local level. At the White House. Rachel Sutherland Foxes. The Wisconsin Assembly is expected to Okay a bill that would penalize local governments that attempt to defund the police. The measure would require any municipality that cuts police funding would see an equal cut in state aid. The bill is likely to be vetoed by Governor Tony Evers. Asian stocks, mostly rebounding this morning from their retreat yesterday, America is listening to Fox News W. A male news at 502. Good morning, everyone I'm John Matthews, an NFL rookie player who grew up in the district was one of four people shot and wounded in an incident in Northeast D. C last night. Jaylen Twyman, who signed with the Minnesota Vikings, was involved in an incident on 50th Street. Northeast. Police have not identified the victims. But the team reported the incident on its website and said Twyman is expected to make a full recovery. Twyman, who lost an uncle and brother to gun violence, once told The Washington Post he hoped football would be his escape route from the violence in his hometown. Expect fireworks that the Loudon County School Board meeting today alone County School board expected to take up transgender rights. Had a meeting Earlier this month, Dozens of parents came out in support of Leesburg Elementary teacher Tanner Cross who says the policy is against his religion. Gary Higgins, chair of the 10th Congressional District Republican Committee, says Democrats are being bussed in. I don't know why the school board would recruit people to tell them about our school policies when they don't live here. But that is the Kind of people. We're dealing with Higgins on w e mails. Vince Colonies showed Meriel Leaf on double Grammy. Alan w mail dot com. Most of the statues are long gone. But Virginia Governor Ralph Northam is urging the city of Richmond to keep the pedestals that once hosted the bronze tributes to Confederate generals in place until a study to reimagine the city's entire historic Monument Avenue is completed next year. The only remaining statues or that of Robert E. Lee, which is currently tied up in court and of General A P Hill. The city wants that Statue removed, But Hill is buried there. The city negotiating with his family to remove the remains to a cemetery in Culpeper County. Checking your money. The Dow futures down 33 points. The NASDAQ futures down 45 in sports. The Nats were off last night. They'll try to extend their latest win streak tonight in Philly. The Nats Kyle Schwarber named National League Player of the Week after sitting hitting six home runs last week. Up next traffic and weather on W. M A L. Is your portfolio built on the old 60% stock 40% bond model. That basically means that 40% of your money is doing nothing. I'm a babish, founder of Abbess financial Services with interest rates so low, having too much in cash or bonds translates into what we call.

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