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In secret. There was a younger in the american team. The knot test pilots. They went looking for test pilots on the soviet side. They were looking for people who could fly in an automated council and essentially endure this mission. So what they chose was serving fighter. Pilots people who knew about injection which they're going to need to from that capsule because of the technology time they will have to check from it before it actually not on earth again and they were looking for people who essentially use to a good deal with risk and they were looking for people who good at obeying orders. So you've got a young team and small team. Incredible that the gardens about five foot four inches in sort of all money and the re an all of them were very small and the reason why it was small was because essentially what was happening was the the thermonuclear weapon. That would normally sit on talk of a missile over. The uh seven which i said it was the biggest intercontinental missiles in the world at the time could find quarter the way across the world and essentially destroy. Most of new york had the force of about two hundred russian bombs would dmz removing effectively the removing the thermonuclear weapon and what housed it and replacing it with a sphere inside of which would sit or lie a human being and that human being had to be quite small and so you're a garin was basically replacing a nuclear weapon. He was five foot four inches. Almost old what she got smaller yoga obedient find pilots training in total secrecy against older thirty. Something well test pilots and very very very famous in the mercury seven and these are the two sets. Gladiators one who know about the other. The other americans who do not know about the soviets because it says secret and that pitted against each other in the attempt to put the first human being in spice listening little atoms danny today. I'm talking to stephen walker. And we're talking about his new book beyond the astonishing story of the first human to leave our clients and journey into space that even bid eureka garen in who we were talking about in in the first half and you go in of course. Essentially eventually is the one of the god's sakes he's chosen and you spoke in the in the first half about his background and prep some of their personal qualities that led him to be. The one was charged with certain. Now in the book you go through the day of the launch and the law the trip itself and smaller and smaller detail. And i wanna talk some now bounce that day not loans. First of all. I wanna say is where they are because you mentioned the back ended the first half the all of this was going on in secrecy obviously to the outside world but to the soviet union as well and where they are looking fraud is one of the reasons why they were in a people might be wondering. How do you keep a rocket loans. Secret yeah i mean they would not replace that we now know as by qunol. It's a place where there are still launch. Shape is being made to the international space station aboard a rocket called the sawyers..

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