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So that will help cool any? No, they're going to be spending even more money. Millennials aren't gonna be able to buy houses for the next year now, shit. My cool thrown is because Pilly button. So NICKY. Bella and John CENA called off their wedding again. Oh yeah. And PFC's four nimble. Johnson, I won't be surprised at Johnson and destroys in one of these would actually say, yeah, that's a how big time hot seat for your belly belly button. Is it a? I was going to high. Cooled thrown them because he's like his, no, my belly button. Fucked by Johnson. Yeah. I'd love him to titty. Fuck by third and fourth nipple. It's almost like John CENA. Nikki Bella have reality show is actually perfect for for my tiny third auxiliary nipples for his little tiny auxiliary cock. Yeah, yeah, perfect. Now the cool thrown is Johnny Menzel. Yes. The name, the starter for the Montreal aloe Aleta Alouette. Don't Alouette morale away away the other way. So he's gonna be starting with wins that game Friday day. Got to, you know what guys? We have one more day until NFL football spannis. Yes. Yes, yes, yes. Yeah, I'm so excited halls Dan game. Actually. We pageantry like any other spectacle Jackson's definitely. Gonna play. Yeah, RG three is gonna play. Two three is going to play and chase Daniel. We've been hyping it on like for last month. Yeah, you only ones looking forward to this game, is that it hanging great. All right. My job Heiki Jackie. I'm really good job. My hot seat is the shield. Ooh, the NFL shield. So we know Jerry Richardson of genes. Friday is no longer the owner of the Carolina Panthers and Jake tapper. Jake tapper temper chicks choppers. Yeah. Okay. Jake tapper is thinking about changing the midfield logo? No panther. So then it would just be the giants. So yeah, so it would just be the giants and the jets that have it, but they have it for other reasons, right. This would be the Panthers spitting in the face of Roger Goodell. I think Roger Goodell should think about revoking his his charter. Can you pull it back. Shame on Jerry Richardson for mandating that the statue sticks around after he's gone, but not mandating that the shield. Font gives us, we want pe-. Did he still in the wings when he was gonna end the Panthers four minutes after curry? Yeah. So that's my first hot seat. My second hot seat is strip clubs, leave on bell, got spot in a strip club in Miami, and now many people are saying that he's not focused on the and that he won't be ready when he chooses to report for the Steelers training camp after his hold out. So he was a strip club and that's problem. That's actually more of a you can me come on man, Kim me. Come on bell, come on to see all the holes before it hits them. That's why he was. There takes takes his time very patient. My my Well, I, I was gonna have Harbaugh. But we'll get to that later. PF to you tweeting during the show. No, I just saw your tweet does before the show. Okay. Yeah. My Michael thrown is Bill Belichick and also you think? Yup. Because as I tweeted right before we started recording the show, the patriots broaden Eric decker for look at whiteout Parfitt. So we all saw that coming. He is Bill check is doing the Pok Mon for white wide receivers to collect them all. Yep, he's just going around and getting them my big dick decker by the way. That's right. That's right. Yes. People forget about these third leg. Yes, always injured because he gold tick walking around with that thing. It's like teddy Bridgewater that's by the way, like an all time move by a wife to just tweet out yet. My husband's got a huge dick. That's a, that's that's a real big, realize move, big time writer. My other cool thrown is Pat say Jack because Al trebek's says he's gonna retire. Twenty twenty. Oh from jeopardy. Wow. Pets. Say Jack going to be the longest game show host round. He's probably not going anywhere. Pets ejects one of those guys. That's probably ninety knocking on wood. Oh yeah. Yeah. That's right care. He's like nine years old, but he looks like he's sixty. So I just think I don't think he's even a human. I think he's just never gonna die dead or alive. Bob Barker alive..

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