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I want to be behind you guys in the yogurt class. That's what I'm talking about. I just want to see if you tip over anymore. I've gotten really good at yoga. Oh my God. Yeah, and I even actually did a hundred. So here's the funny thing. Yeah, you're not good at this. So I love happy baby. But Tim and I went to court power yoga because it's right near our Airbnb. It's like literally half a mile. And I find this core power yoga too. And I don't know anything about it. I'm like, this looks cool. So we drive over there and it's a Saturday morning and we get their ten minutes ahead and we put our mats down in the it's not a big room. And people keep coming into the room. Well first of all, we go in the room and the room it's a hot yoga class. Now I've only done a hot yoga, I've done it once. Do you know what I did? I did it with Jeff Hayes and Kathy Smith in Park City Utah. I'd say that because I'm so glad Jeff Hayes was with me because Kathy Smith is sitting there bouncing on a toe. It's a 110°. She's on one toast. She's got a leg up on the ear. She's got the leg behind her head. I and Jeff, Jeff and I are looking each other sliding, you know? And it was the first yoga class I think I'd ever taken. And here it is as like an advanced yoga class with everybody in there. It's like doing these things. I'm like, get me out of here. I'm never doing the skin. So I didn't know this was a hot yoga class. We go in. It's hot. I'm looking at Tim like we should go. Tim's like, we're going to stay. And so we're sitting in there waiting for the and there's more mats and more matte. And now pretty much it's like, it's like boiling sardines here. It's so packed full of people in this yoga class, but I will tell you, we rocked that yoga class. I feel now like I can pretty much do anything. I did not stand on one tone, put my foot around my head. But I made it through. And I didn't have to run out. Well, I love it. Man, I have a lot of concerns about hot yoga. Mostly there's air quality. It's got one size. It's so cute. You're now breathing in. Everybody's stuff. So we're not going to a hot yoga class today. It's Vivian was like, I want to go back to another one. I'm like, yeah, no, I did that. I can cross that off the list. I know better now. Anyway, regular temperature. So I wrote a whole chapter in fastest way. There's a chapter for one. And there's a chapter about exercise and timing. And the most effective thing you can do to get more out of your exercise is to exercise at the end of your fast and then break the fast right after the exercise. So in Vivian's case, if she wasn't jet lagged she slept really well last night, she didn't have any wine last night, and she's like, I'm really feeling full of power. This is a really strong, fast. I've got it. I'm going to go hard and then afterwards are going to go eat some protein. I could respect that. And she'd get probably more of an effect from the workout for doing that. But if she's saying, you know what? We just traveled. It's really hot. I'm just not feeling super energetic today. That's probably not a day to push yourself really hard. During a fast. So it's okay during a working fast. And that's what she's doing. And in the book, I differently, there's spiritual fast. One day, two day, three days, journaling, resting, relaxing, recovering, going deeper, taking all the energy of the body that would be looking for food instead of looking for knowledge and wisdom about your body and yourself. That's cool. But if you're trying to do that, you probably shouldn't also be doing CrossFit. And then there's a working fast where you're saying, okay, how do I have more energy and more focus throughout the day? And then you probably do want to do your exercise, but not at the beginning or middle of the fast, because that's going to raise your cortisol for a long period of time. So fast exercise. Because I think one of the hacks that people don't use is how great it is to work out and then eat. So talk about what happens when you do a workout and then you have your meal. Well, JJ, you and I have both had pre workout formulas. And there's a time for pre workout formulas. But it isn't necessary to eat right before you work out because you're going to crash. If you're going to do a century writing a hundred miles, you will bonk if you don't eat. That's a different thing than what most of us are dealing with in a hot yoga class or even a pretty heavy session at the gym. You've got enough in you to handle that. So what we're talking about with exercise and food and what happens if you fast is something that I talk about in fastest way called tripling down on mTOR, which sounds kind of technical. So let me walk you through it. mTOR is a signaling molecule says grow. That's awesome. You just have that all the time, except then you would probably grow tumors. Your job is to spike it really high. So you get regeneration, and then to keep it low the rest of the time so that you get recuperation and recovery. So grow, clean, grow, clean. So these you create these cycles in mTOR. Well, the way mTOR works is like a spring. The more you push it down, the more it will spike. So we know three things that push M tore down. One of them is fasting. So great, you skipped breakfast. You've already suppressed your mTOR. Another one is coffee. Coffee and probably green tea. Exactly. The third thing is exercise. So imagine if you woke up, you had a bulletproof coffee, which will not break a fast. You can have it non bulletproof if you want, but most people find they have less hunger and more focus if they do it with a bulletproof coffee. And then you say I'm an exercise. Now you've suppressed mTOR as much as possible. Then what will cause it to spike is after all that exercise all that suppression, eating protein and carbs. You don't have to have the carbs just protein will spike it, but insulin will raise mTOR substantially. So what you can do then is you can say, all right, I actually had a good fast and a good workout. I'm going to go have some source of protein and I can have some carbs with it. And it might be one of your favorite carbs garbanzo beans. They're just so gross like those. You can have rice, you can have sweet potato, whatever kind of carb you want. It doesn't have to be sugar, but you want some of those, but most importantly, you want protein. And studies show that about 30 grams of protein within a half hour of exercising prevents a two day spike in cortisol. Cortisol is a really interesting and important hormone. If it's too low, you will die and you'll get sick and you'll feel terrible. And if it's too high, you'll get sick. And you'll gain weight, and you'll feel terrible. So it's one of those things. It's important and necessary needs to be in the Goldilocks zone. And if you do this, I'm going to exercise faster than I'm going to fast another 12 hours. Your cortisol is going to go up. And you actually feel good because cortisol makes you feel good. Unfortunately then, you're going to probably have a little bit of a spare tire from that that you didn't want because cortisol is pro inflammatory when it's too high. So basically, just have that food right after you exercise, and it's okay to have some carbs then if you're not doing keto, and you're going to feel really good and you're going to get mTOR to go up right after you exercise. So boom, you got muscles. And for those of you that miss that beautiful video of Dave's, your biceps are almost as big as mine now. Look at that. Well, they're just as big as your triceps, JJ. I'm not even talking about your biceps. All right, so you've got your fastest way challenge. And I know you've had what like 5 million people go through this fastest way, Joan? 70,000 in counting now. Yeah. So let's get some more in there. So JJ virgin dot com slash fastest way jump in there. And again, I love the way you lead people through this. So I watched that and I'm like, this is just fantastic. It's so good that you step people in. You meet people where they are and help them so that wherever you are coming into this, you will have success. Because again, you start in this the wrong way, you get hungry, you get angry, and you spin out. That won't happen here. You're going to go, wow, I can do this. So if fantastic job on the book and really explaining things, making something that has a lot of misinformation and urban legend to miss around it, dispelling those explaining it easy to understand science than giving people a very actionable blueprint. So again, that is fast this way. And you can join the challenge for free. JJ.

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