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Almost fifteen years ago in my hometown of cuts in beautiful Syria in Horak is mainly associated with a traditional line. Applic- called Lena ho-shik Credit Joan. Although the dental is only account for less than ten percent of sales but she says traditional dresses where she gets her inspiration. Do you like to be associated with the traditional? Of course I don't mind it because I'm proud of my roots. I like what I do. I love the fabrics. We have a very beautiful heritage of textile art more or less. It's also one of my main. Inspirations when I looked to other countries and then the Australian Line for me it's my roots. Come from it's what I learned at my grandma. She taught me how to saw in by hand when I was like thirteen. Fourteen think of main reason why my collections really successful is that we put a lot of attention to detail in the craftmanship in the combination of different fabrics. And also the lining. The Wade's made is always tailor-made and not MS product. Do you do a lot of work yourself embroidering anymore. Unfortunately I used to be mainly creative one touch fabric and start cutting it and putting it together and sewing but I was not the most professional to be honest I would like just cut into it. Start sewing and then make alterations. I'm the same in the kitchen. I never followed recipes. Does it apply to as well? No because I have my staff and they love working very professionally so I can be unprofessional as a designer which amazing I suppose there's still lots of traditional tailors in the countryside making the accounts and traditional dress. So why should people come to you? That's a good question. Actually you have to have people. From the quality perspective one of the analysts probably top notch. We use only pure silk whereas most companies use have silk polyester these days. But I couldn't I simply couldn't and then purely in them. Pure cotton sold equality of the fabrics is definitely up across a dishonored to save on fabric. Is it usually the Austrians Austrian women by dentals not only because it's become a bit of a trend recently to get married in Australia and for that we saw a lot of handcrafted? Can you talk a little bit about the history of the dental? The dental the classically as you describe it consists of four parts percival skirt second Abram third bodice to call it and then under the bodies would be a blouse so it was the typical combination of pieces of clothing. Worn in the borking. Classes are in the country for farmers. This type of dress is also basically the same in all countries in all cultures. Which for me makes amazing to compare maybe Bohemian dress. Also Turkish and Greece. National addresses are so similar. They all make regional. Differences visible by applying different. Handcraft Australian. Today is stillborn in daily life. Because it's not very stiff. It's wearable if it's a cotton one not a silk one. You can definitely work to office in Syria where I'm from. It's become actually quite common if you have appointments with dinners and you don't want to put on like a cocktail dress. You take deadline. And then yeah then came the Nazis in the thirteenth. So let's just skip like from all these hundreds of years dental mainly existed in the same shape in one thousand nine hundred. Thirteen Nazi's decided that there is going to be very strict rules about how a din looks in a different freedom because they were very clever to instrumentalise something that is very common and very rural and very down to Earth also and speaks to people and if you still stick to those rules I mean. It doesn't say that you're any kind of right wing thinker when I grew up at never wasted a single thought about if my national dresses. I'm right being person. And I thought it was very unfair to the item of clothing to instrumentalise it and everyone who were lead. Horton and be proud of their Australian roots to put them in the certain box and I was always fighting against it and the trend towards a dental and lederhosen and Austrian national dress came back very very slowly but then almost exploded. Because I think Australians as well as Germans they had to be ashamed of their heritage after Second World War for such a long time whereas English or French. All of those countries committed war crimes and still do. But nobody's pointing at Italians and say like you're like a fascist because you're proud of your country and you wave your flag but the Austrians and Germans. They had like a huge complex about it. All the people still put it in the same box because there were forced to read. They'll when they were young and the parents would be not with the regime so it's still stained from my point of view. I hope that came across K. A. C. strongly about it I was I was Gonna ask you about it. I mean I'm glad you talked about you. So do you recreate the original the traditional pattern? So you add anything. I love sticking to bury traditional rules of how constructed in little and how to finish it how to work your hands through the fabric. Basically but of course don't stick to the regional color combination roles because I think that's totally up to the regions to reproduce their own regional deals so for me. It's a fashion Indian Lonzo to new color combinations or I would use Morris Fabrics with beautiful founder Sierra club Prince and combine it with a Silk Apron on I love English rose prince to use for the animals. So that's a combination you know what's English fabric doing on a dental. But it's just my the predation and we've been selling those really successfully leinna harsh chack. Speaking.

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