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I kept quiet about the fact I was plundering about newspaper reading that. I might even ROY little book about it. I didn't want him to feel like he was being observed and change his behavior a problem. That's well known in the field of -nology. If I told him he might not have routinely shoved the newspaper in his trouser pocket and started through the small town from who streets. Newspapers had as good as disappeared whereby you have to admit that the place may be pretty, but it's geared up for regional tourism Benelux crime stories, which Lear so many people to Brittany are set. Elsewhere foreign papers were available in the stationery shop, but you had to ask for them the shop assistant through an unsorted bundle on the table from which I pulled out the previous day's deutscher and sat down in the cafe opposite from which the melody of a hit by alphaville emanated. I flick through these deutscher, and I looked over at the fishing boats, which were dozing in the midday sun in the end. I'd only read the spotlight section, which I hardly ever read in Berlin anymore, although often intend to so I hadn't read a lot. But I had read de Gloser who satirical commentary, which is one of the best things about the newspaper, which I read all too seldom it felt good. L also only read a fraction of the French newspapers. He'd bought he immersed himself in the canal, Chanel least of all the articles in the NADA, certainly very challenging. But the fact that he read so little of it low. His French is enviable studied in Paris had another reason reading highbrow newspapers on holidays like weeding the local program to see what you could do that evening only to fall asleep in front of the television as soon as you get home from work on average. You might read two articles the main one on the front page and a medium size one inside the paper. Most attempts to save the newspaper assume that people want to read newspaper. They don't consider that people might procure a newspaper simply to be able to read it after all that wouldn't make much sense. But that's how it is in many cases, and it applies to periodical are magazines even more. So so not only did my friend hardly read the cannot Shanna. He also didn't work through the bundle of New Yorkers. We brought along for him before getting on the plane with his family. He gives us a suitcase that we had to squeeze into our cars we've box we assumed it contained clothes and toys can never crossed our minds that someone would have older she's of the New Yorker delivered to him. Neither is the obvious purpose of a collection of New Yorkers to read back issues on holiday, nor is the obvious purpose. A holiday to read old New Yorkers, but it did have its purpose. He read a couple of articles and seemed satisfied this too is well known from the history of ethnology the researcher take. On the behavior of their research subject. We went on a trip to pay impo- with the firm intention of buying a novel. I went into a bookshop and found a novel about Paris under your Pompidou later. I read about twenty pages on the beach. Never touched it again. It wasn't bad. But you should have bought Pierre's, Latinos, and Iceland fisherman. I told myself that one is set in pine po-. Then again, I wouldn't have read any more of an Iceland fisherman than of Paris under George Pompidou. And that was the fourth installment of Monaco's audio cereal the last newspaper reader by Mikhail and gala, you can listen to the full story by tuning into print industry review program. The stuck. We'll details, of course on our website..

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