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The temperament to do that the other issue is is where does she what what's her narrative become when she hits the campaign trail so let's take flint michigan which should be easy for an african american to pick up but if donald trump has gone in there over four to eight years the clean up their water given people jobs in seeing the the the the totality of flint michigan improve right what did she say about that he did it all wrong when he was the only one that came in and fixed in right for them like i don't see where her narrative takes her oprah's really good at branding oprah right donald trump ran businesses built buildings traveled the world he's done all these other things cobras good at branding and selling oprah and i don't know that that's a qualification for president you know votes dramas you pretty sharp i guess that's why they call you votes dramas know what you you said just now is very compelling i want to talk to you more about it because it's fascinating but we in our next segment i'm not even sure who are guest is but i'm not gonna be able to talk to you because i know that i have a guess coming in here in two seconds so folks how about you could stick around for the end of the program would you stick around for the end of the comeback okay folks at the end of this program will be back with kevin mccullough whom we now think of as boats predom or today at least just for today on the horse to me remember your name right now hi i'm victoria hurst my family's company the hearst corporation publishes a magazine aimed at young women.

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