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Seven hundred fifty thousand dollars on a new mortgage wall street sets a couple of new records today the dow up almost one hundred twenty points the sp 500 closes at an alltime high as well wbz news time five nineteen let's get a look at sports from the aticketcom sport's studio here's tom cotti no rest for the weary paired years they're back and foxborough post lost a miami it's on the pittsburgh next sunday huge game but first head coach and quarterback on last night's dumpster fire in miami tom's earthlings or good inches wilson prudence scornful once we gave up to money does not plan while army as counties in a magic potion or anything to take the kinda when we just didn't play good news competitive but it was reagan i wish we played better we didn't and we got to move on trump plans for next week the patriots about two or a have signed wide receiver kenny breath later the browse through a twoyear deal bruins gator that their brightened facility than onto detroit redwings there tomorrow celtics onto the nuggets tomorrow omaha nebraska racetrack it's called horsemen park a nag name blue bly lost the race after colliding with a goose down the stretch as the horse was ghost tom cutting wbz radio sports tom wbz news time 525 a massive wildfire in southern california continues to burn it is now the state's fifth largest ever it's ripping through dry brush on a coastal ridges crews struggled to keep the flames from roaring down into neighborhoods firefighters are protecting foothill homes near santa barbara today taking advantage of.

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