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Democrats are Wylie coyote trying to this is that this is a server wallet this is the kryptonite here come Superman we got on this time and in full of mud one of their own said wait a minute freight Cuomo wait a minute I was in the same position of this low level bureaucrat understanding some of the conversations between world leaders and I would never have gone over his head and said American foreign policy. wow about passed out. to get your reaction plus us some of the biggest the largest a Parker she took place yesterday at the climate change at the twenty twenty Democrats descend on the steak fry at the Iowa state fair all the democratic candidates are complaining about too much pollution too much CO two too many change burgers too many hamburgers too many cars too many planes too many buses all of a sudden are growing up cheese burgers hamburgers and stakes to the tune of eleven thousand of them to the applause of many if they all are Iowa state fair raising the specter of complete apocalypse see Democrats and liberals who say one thing and then do completely the opposite it's beautiful when you get your reaction plus the media done cover what the Democrats saying what their goals are not at all not even close doesn't happen so whatever come all is calm all I hear is opens her mouth she was the chief prosecutor in San Francisco then she ran and was elected the Attorney General of the state of California that is more individuals imprisoned than any state in the union that would be a course Kamel Harris she was in charge of law enforcement of the largest state complaining what about law enforcement most of the democratic candidates at one point in their political career have the ability to actually enforce laws in the states and cities from whence they came in fact only about fifteen percent of inmates in America or in federal custody the great majority are in county jails reformatories juvenile detention centers penitentiaries reformatories and the large urban states like Illinois New Jersey New York California that's where the inmates are Florida Texas that's where they are. what did Kamel Heris do with criminal justice reform when she was in charge what did senator Elizabeth Warren do and the bay state of Massachusetts she's been there for many years what the doubt Bernie Sanders through with criminal justice reform in Vermont or Joe Biden in Delaware the answer is nothing these theories are nothing more than that their theories they don't work if they did work I would assume the Democrats would have applied them in the cities and states and which they had complete power like California Eleanor New York New Jersey Massachusetts Rhode Island Delaware Democrats have complete power they can do whatever they want and did they do a damn thing absolutely not each state has the power to enact reparations if they want now may be declared unconstitutional because it is but assuming that the Democrats in California Illinois and New York wanna take take money from individuals with white skin and give those dollars to individuals with darker skin they have the power to do so did they do any of it absolutely not zero. so criminal justice reform. and race in open borders I am in many areas in which the Democrats now complain about dropping the Republicans they were completely and have been and will be completely in charge of jurisdictions that can do anything they damn want to do but they don't solve the problems because their insoluble or unconstitutional and if you think the educational system and Detroit and Chicago and a low of all and in Tampa the public education system there for grade school kids is working in areas controlled by the Democrats in New York in New York City and you think that's the model do use across the whole country vote for Democrats because they tried these things and they failed miserably let's take a short break we have four lines open if you call now eight six six six four seven seven three three seven eight six six six four seven seven three three seven do you see rank hypocrisy but the media covering events based upon whether or not a Republican is to be covered and not a Democrat and is trump truly the invincible. let's continue with more bill coming in the great American live with you every Sunday night..

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