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Then burst in deep study. But they've been burs in the crucible of your own life. When of the things I love about your teaching style is that and I? You know I'd be curious your answer whether or not it's just a just how you look the world and look at the word or eat. There is something strategic about how you do this but I love how how. You're able to step back a little bit and see the overarching picture and pull things out of the story that I wanted to see. Before for instance this morning you were talking about Leah and Rachel in the company then in at the very end you said no Leah is a picture of Christ in that that she was rejected And and there were just several things that you did this morning. That just showed me that you you thought in. I don't know how to say. Is it a the bigger picture mentality of how he reproach. How does those fresh? I guess what I'm asking is. How did those fresh truce hunt your heart or hung out of your study that you're able to then share with others or write in your book? I think that some some of that is starting to be the product of having having done this or awhile there is. There is a descriptive for that. It's called Biblical theology But I did not know Oh that there was such a thing as biblical theology. I had been introduced to systematic theology which is basically study of doctrines that we pull together reading reading the scripture But Biblical theology that idea that you see theme that you can trace throughout the scriptures. That was a a term that I hadn't heard word probably until five years ago and and then when I heard it I couldn't get clear on exactly what it meant and then I realized that it was actually what I was devoting my life to learning I just had the sort of official term for it and that is something that that You can certainly read need a biblical theology text or take a class on Biblical theology. And have someone tell you. These are the themes that you can find in the scriptures. But also if you're just just reading repetitively if you're just getting that text under your skin I do think that you begin to just make connections the more time that you've spent in the tax and and specifically in the story of Lia I have just I think you you would say a similar thing. I'm guessing based on some of the things you written. The stories of women in particular particular Sometimes suffered neglect in the commentaries. Yeah and I think that is not because I'm interior writers Hate women I think it's just because most of them are men and so a common experience of being a woman is not something that they have meditated on as much as a woman who's reading the text has so I do Find a particular enjoyment in devoting thoughts to those stories reese and because rarely it's becoming increasingly common. But but I would say that rarely in in the older commentaries that you'll read what you find someone drawing wrong connection between a woman's behavior and that of Christ or a woman story and that of price. Although those those stories are throughout scriptures assures though that story of Lia was particularly. That's why you were saying I cry. I cried through that teaching. Thank me because I think there are. There are a lot of women who think that the Bible is just predominantly talking about men. And I did on that to not be the case not l.. Not at all in fact I think that's one of my favorite things about Jesus is that he is our emancipator proclamator. You know loves women woman reveals himself to women over and over. Well I'm excited about your new study in Hebrews. That's coming out in you. Give little cheeser about what that involves. Well when I wrote this study originally for the women who were in my own study that I lead a and one of my friends had said Oh you should do. The book of Hebrews is just about the right length because we always do at ten or eleven weeks master and I thought Oh. Yeah that sounds really nice and neat and what we do what our strategy is do a year in the Old Testament in the year in the New Testament. So I thought Gosh I just. I'm ready to get back to the New Testament. Let's do a Nice Easy New Testament study while the IT doesn't go not really a new testament. Study it's real the New Testament study which it wasn't like I had read Hebrews. I should've seen it coming. I just hadn't really thought it through but it ended up being a real labor of love to put that study together. Because if there's ever a book that orces you to reconcile the God of the Old Testament with God new it's it's Hebrews in does so through the way that it presents price to us and and and just keeps hammering home on the message of You thought this was good. Jesus's better you thought better all the way through and and it's another one of those books that we we think we can. No you know we know we know that he reuss hall of fame or hall of faith however you describe it and we know Bruce Twelve about running the race and we have have these little sections of it. There were like yeah I know he bruce And then you get into it and you see the full sweep of the author's argument and it just it's just aureus. Oh I can't wait to do it. I have gone back to Hebrews a little bit and eds. Yes it's just it really is the old and the new and better. The Banner Priest in the better is all. How will I could talk to you forever my friend but an as he close? I'd just love to have you prayed for us. Girls who who are out there. Some of them argest the Bible. Study Girls Tuna core. They left the word guy on there in it all the time. There's others who who really wants you want wants to lead. The word of God don't know quite where to start but all of this all of us we Jesus girls and wanting more of your. Yeah which is pray. Blessing over us. He calls Oh absolutely heavenly father. We come to you and lift up each of these listeners. Wherever she finds herself south whether she has spent years in your word or whether she's wondering where to begin moored I pray that you would give each of NAM their resolve to go again end to your word and to open it expectantly and full of hope and with the curiosity of who is this God within we have to do and I pray especially award for those who are thinking as I remember so clearly thinking in my earlier years? I'm just not that interested in it and I think it's hard and it feels like it was written someone else. Lord I pray that you would grant them a desire a new desire in their hearts to want to know you through your word not just as simply learn and stories that seem out of place or ideas that are hard to follow but to understand that in those a stories and in those letters and in these collections of wisdom sayings. That you're very person is going to be revealed to them. I asked Lord that you would give them a desire for your word and a hunger for it and Lord I pray that in their local churches that they would find places says that are open to them to gather into learn together And that in their times where there alone at home and they find that they have a moment that they would sit an open and read and that your spirit would speak to them as they do so Lord thank you that you have given us that helper and that he delights to make him known us and I pray that whether these women find themselves in a season of life where they have a lot of time or a little time to give to this us you would prompt them to give what time a have And Lord that you would reassure them that you know their stage of life in the honor honor what they give you. Honor the investment that they'll give always always always yielded return on that investment.

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