Alzheimer's Disease, Alzheimer, Bashar discussed on Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis


We can eliminate type two diabetes in the world in six months. Everybody would just do this simple program. Very simple nutritional deficiencies is not genetic in any way, shape or form and same thing with Alzheimer's disease diseases nutritional deficiencies, it didn't occur before nineteen forty two. We had senile dementia. We hit all kinds of dementias, Bashar dementia, of course, central and so forth. We didn't have Alzheimer's disease until Dr started telling us to give up fat center dot says it again to give up faster it came up with Stanton, drugs or cholesterol, Ellison disease appeared on the scene. Diseases simple, nutritional deficiencies specific fats, and doctors are the root causes of al-aziz by telling us to get off of fats in our diet. I wanted to ask you, I mean, let's go back to that. The would think the wood dash have you ever heard of something called bio char? Yeah. Well, there's so many products in the market now were they actually kind of like taking charcoal and grinding it up and put into the garden. And of course, you know, our little farm we weren't too far away from a big lumber mill, and we can haul off all the wood dust and chips and stuff that they didn't want their having. We'd take it away. And we would burn for fuel and then put those ashes her gardens. And so there's a lot of commercial products some of which we have in Germany. We have fertilizers that have seventy eight minerals in them that come from these plant materials, and so we have to grow your own garden. You could use those materials that you have bloom and minerals. Yes, we have the crystals and also the liquid depending if you want to spray 'em or spreader, and they come in little canisters and forty pound bags and gallon jugs and fifty five gallon drums spending on how big your garden news. Right. And so you can do that. But I was still supplement. Even though you're going to put them in your garden. I would do both. And that's what we do on the road a lot. But we do have these little raised garden boxes. There were like four foot wide and six foot long have about a dozen and we girl probably about twenty five different, veggies and beans and things like that. We ruled fifteen pound sweet potatoes, CLYDE because we grow. And if you remember seeing. Pictures and paintings and sculptures of these half goat half men people. You know, the pans with rod between them, and they have this cluster rapes is bigger than they are hanging. Well, that's because they were using a similar product in those days from the land flowing with milk.

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