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Speight's wish funny because I imagine him like closing his eyes like holding his fingers real tight after. Here's where she Jays. Like, hello. Oh, right. That was caller seventy two. Anaheim we're out of time. Going back to a song. Another thing that you can hear the most in this particular part is the screaming in the background crazy. The other The other one. one. Off so abruptly like in the real song played in the beginning. You can hear it making its way all the way through before the becomes. But in this on every time they do. It's like why? Cut. It's like, yeah. Drag it a little bit more man come on. Oh, weird at the end of this the we're back that I wish like frame frame the same. It's literally when they turn on the dream machine. That's what they hear all the kids wishing for dinosaurs. And the one goes I wish I had a friend and then one like Hello. I wish they did that. Okay. Well, I. I see what you were saying the top of this episode, right? I didn't want to listen to too many times of coming in. So I had like a fresh opinion on it. But like in my head, it's better. Yeah. I think the real problem is that everyone gets to the bridge. And you're like, oh, this song is ending. And then you pick a different song on your ipod. Spot of whatever you're listening to. DJ into another. I think he knew that which is. Well, I gotta make this at least four minutes bucket. Hey waste victory lap in the song. That's upsetting. Because the first part like it comes in really a strong concept well committed he starts listing. It's like a great laundry list. And then he's just like NO member buffalo, Springfield. He really. It's the happy birthday sign where you start off very big. Ooh. Yeah. Oh, is that John Laney? I remember that base does slap. So. Right. Yeah. That's and spin. And I think actually I wanted to see. Is in there. It's just like. The whole song. Everything good of finish. Buck the rest of the show. But it gets a lot faster. Muck arena. We're making our own Nash peg mock Rene haven't heard it. I'm making. Keeping it in my trees. Drains. Wow. Okay. So I know where he fell off their which seems like it should be what's he says Hoda Radha? It's all. Right there. Yes. Watching him tumbled down it would've stayed closer to the short person canon and just been like and here are the ways in which this is frustrating. What if you just talked about how frustrating it is to be short? And then had just gone on to say the entire song was just like, and I can't do this thing. I can't ride on the rides or something. But then finding was five eight I'd be like, well, this is a betrayal. Yeah. The versus where look I I I'm sure people will let me play basketball at the mod ever second verse hear things I'm good at. Really good at cooking. Nice. I'm gentleman. Just kidding. I call him in. Her great punch-ups short, his great. Because when I bowl I can go through the legs of everyone. I'm playing.

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