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Our next segment Catholic Alpha's radical rant of the day the cowardice of men. The top twenty one reasons men have cost the two thousand eighteen scandal in the Catholic Church. And why we're not going to take it anymore before our start again this this will be a twenty one episodes series one per show also understand that the infiltration by the Catholic church with homosexuality and radical feminism plus the watering down of the faith and the stripping away of the Latin Mass was planned in order to one destroy the morality of those those within the Church priest and lady and this is not the teaching of the Catholic Church. So why was this done to destroy the American family to destroy our morality and destroy our patriotism in order that we become susceptible to communism and its ideas ideas. Now if you want more on this please refer back to episode number two also many people want to bash or worst worship. Leave the Catholic faith because of the current scandal which I tell you is not going anywhere. That is pure ignorance. That's exactly what the Yvonne wants them to do. Also we as Christians must understand that there are many judases among us. Are you going to abandon Christ to uh we must fight within the church. This is how Christ demands it because this is the church he created. You can't change the church outside the Church so let's get started with number eighteen of the top twenty one reasons that men are responsible for the two thousand eighteen scandal in the Catholic Church Ball. We're getting down there all your few you left but first let's review. The I seventeen number one was refusal to accept our row as men and number two. We allow the meaning of the Catholic Church Popes Cardinals Bishops Pristine into water down and dilute the teachings of of the Catholic faith the Christian faith. God's word number three was men didn't fight for Christ during Vatican two. We let those men Dan just past whatever they want completely changed the Dogma doctrine of the church and not just really changed the document document. They really changed the essence of God's Word Word and now what do we have. Don't even go into that. It's whole another five or six podcast number five. They have nothing. They are willing to die for number. Six men have begun. Raising soft and selfish boys AK a Wuss is number seven. Men Don't understand our mission and purpose men which is to protect defend and serve God marriage wife choosing society at large number eight eight. We didn't crush feminism number. Nine me and didn't crush the Protestant revolt number ten men didn't Chris. Contraception Contraception Aka a birth control number. Eleven men didn't crush abortion number. Twelve men didn't crush so-called. Oh call same. Sex Marriage number. Thirteen men didn't crush no fault divorce number. Fourteen men didn't crush rush. ECUMENISM number. Fifteen men have stopped. Praying number. Sixteen men have thought passing on the Catholic faith to their children. Number seventeen men have stopped being obedient to God which means they want to be their own God now before each number. I will read a quote directly from the document containing Archbishop Carlo. Maria Vegan owes testimony so that you can understand the gravity of this situation and like I said so we don't allow just move on like is is nothing going on like it was just you know didn't mean anything and why and we want you to move to destroy and speak out against his travesty. Eighty in your environment. which is what your church? Your marriage your family your work and society at large now. Look I know so at times. Work is hard. It's a hard animal but if if somebody brings it up in talking to you about it you have every right to go hand explain and then move. Yvonne don't sit there and have a t and fifteen twenty thirty minute conversation at work and then you know the person gets mad or you know if you see the person I getting upset move on you know but we must begin to know the truth understand the truth and to preach the truth. I'll also placing linked to the full document in the show notes quote Archbishop Vegan O- On the use of Cardinal McCarrick quote during during the speech he gave when he took possession of the Chicago C.. Which I was present as a representative representative of the Pope super-rich quipped? That one certainly should not expect the new archbishop to walk on water. Perhaps perhaps it would be enough for him to be able to remain with his feet on the ground and not try to turn reality. upside-down blinded minded by his pro gay ideology as he stated in a recent interview with America magazine. Extolling his particular expertise in the matter are having been president of the committee or protection of children and young people of the SEC. He asserted that the main ain't problem in the crisis of sexual abuse by clergy is not homosexuality and that affirming. This is only a way of diverting attention from the real problem which is clerical. ISM and support this thesis Sue Pitch Otley made reference to the results. Lots of research carried out at the height of the sexual abuse of minors crisis in the early two thousands while he candidly ignored. The results of that investigation were totally denied by the subsequent independent reports by the John. Jay College of Criminal Justice in two thousand and four and two thousand eleven which included that in cases of sexual abuse eighty percent of the victims were male l. In fact Father Hans Zoellner S J vice rector of the pontifical were Going University President of the Center for child protection and member of the Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors recently told the newspaper La Stampa Papa that in most cases it is a question of Homo- sexual abuse in quote. Now see see see. Even when proof is steering people in their face they will not acknowledge it why because of selfish selfishness because of wanting to do what they want to do everybody knows that the homosexual lifestyle especially abusive children children now the abusive men that are trying to give their life away for the word of God. We all know it's homosexuality. We know that that lifestyle makes people miserable just like people having sex out of marriage with different people. Eto Sexual six. We all know the answer misery. Sorry but we all WanNa stand around and act like everything is cool when everybody's happy but people aren't happy in his are row as being to teach our boys that we have to help people that have issues with guy we have to be able to explain it. Explain why it hurts. Not just them there so oh but this soul of everyone who is around them the soul of everyone who sees them the soul of the country of the world of society and when people like Sue Pitch and McCarrick look at this like. It's just another day in the neighborhood. The next completely ron it's wrong and we as men have to start standing up and let people understand that we break. The word of God. Who knows is what we need? Who knows how how to keep us happy and peaceful because he made us the only misery follows? Okay please gentlemen stand up. Explain this in your environment and understand that the abuse of men and the abuse of boys is is completely illogical is completely immoral and goes against the very fabric of our society moving on I realize these top twenty one reasons are in no oh certain order as they all feed upon one another. So what's the number eighteen reason men have caused the two thousand eighteen scandal in the Catholic Church. uh-huh men have abandoned God for the theory of evolution. Meaning what we are satisfied this fire with being spawned from monkeys again. This is face to in our how to be a man series strategies for beginners. You can listen to episode two to get phased one so legitimate. Here's the deal you let me know if this makes logical so since to you I mean the deal is we have has early were made for a group of chemicals in the ground somewhere. This is like the story you know you know. We're may may from chemicals in the ground somewhere and we kept so-called evolving into. We became a monkey then a guerilla then a man now that's paraphrase but that's basically the you know the gift of it to be. This is completely foolish. And not just to me to anyone who really understands signs and doesn't have an agenda Enda okay especially when compared to an all in all being that was so happy contented and lacking in nothing that he you wanted to share himself with creatures so that they would be as peaceful happy and needless of anything except God himself being so merciful for an unselfish as to want to give other beings at peace of his omniscient self see. God didn't create us because he was lonely only or he needed anything from us. He created us because he wanted us. As human persons as so's to join him he ought ought to share his love. Share the beatific vision share greatness and Omniscience with you with your soul. He wanted to give of himself itself to Others K. Now I don't know about you but I like the second scenario much better. You know the guy. There was a creator guy accurate us because he loved us not because we because in fifteen thousand billion years ago we were made in a pool of mud and we just all of a sudden some stuff came together there. We are here anybody. Anybody that Annette studied science a little bit and want to completely admit it they know that the odds of that happening are so in the trillions. And I don't want exaggerating but it is. The odds of that happening are so I. If that did it happened and that was supposed to have some being caused that to happen. Something caused that to happen. Okay and the problem with people use as we have completely broken were completely broken and selfish. We can't see because of our attachment to San Pleasure in ourselves. The illogical ACLU conclusion that we men come from monkeys. First we must understand that the Bible sacred scripture is more than a compilation of Nice and life learning lessons. These events are historical and completely true. In fact why because of all the witnesses that were present is it throughout the span of over two thousand years. Remember that the Catholic Church has over five thousand documents and parchments that prove the life of Jesus Jesus Christ and his Church Aristotle has what like one hundred and what about and you have to understand we. History depends on witnesses history. It depends on documentation like who would know the history and the person of Abraham Lincoln me from somebody born what one hundred over one hundred years later or whatever or would the person what his wife know him better would I reporter reporting for a newspaper know him better with people who are route him know him better. See that would have happened. Jesus some people try to say. The Bible is not a historical document. Any is is a compilation of stories. That are true and verified by witnesses when you go to court was the main gene main thing that people try that that the lawyers and the judges and the law system they go on they go on what I they tried to. Are there any witnesses. Why because then they can use those witnesses and compile the facts so my question is where is the proof of this so-called theory of of evolution that we come from monkeys?.

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