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It is really important that we get all the collaboration of cooperation from the from the government that is now needed to scale up on be able to respond to what the needs are on the ground. That's the head of all the director of operations for the I. C. R. C. The International Committee of the Red Cross a speaking about the situation in Tigre to our Leyla Natu. Used a BBC World Service. Let's take you to South Africa now because the spokesperson for the opposition were under National Congress, or R and C in South Africa, has confirmed to the BBC that the Rwandan exile sihf. Bomp. A leaky was killed in Cape Town on Sunday afternoon, Mr Bond Party. He was the national coordinator for the RNC s O. What was behind this killing? That's a talk this through the BBC's Thompson, a second in Johannesburg. No. So tell us the circumstances surrounding his death. What do we know? According to Rwanda's National Congress. We understand that Mr Bumble Ricky, who runs a shop that sells bids in Cape Town, was received a call from a potential client. I'm asking him if he had any bids to sell, and that person then went to the shop and let his way he met up with Mr Bumble Ricky. He paid for the bed and then said he would like for it to be delivered to his house, which is situated in in Yangon Township, which is one of the most dangerous townships in the country. We understand that Mr More mavericky was You know and settled about the sin Bin asked that a colleague or friend accompany him there on Ben. From what we together the person who they were going with to deliver the bed. Ask for the car to be stopped at a dead end road. Saying that his house was nearby. And he was going to open his house and then call them to come and deliver the bid. They then waited for about 15 minutes and there was nothing while there was still there. Two assailants came out of no way shot, Mr Bumble Ricky through the window off the vehicle where he was seated. Fatally wounding him, and that was the end of his life. Under this stage, you know? Is there anything further to point to this being politically motivated? You mentioned though, that this township is extremely dangerous. So what are people saying? Exactly. It's very difficult to tell at this stage if there was any, you know, involvement or alleged involvement as people are speculating all over social media that this could have been a hit. Ordered by Rwanda's president Paul Kagame. Me but other the same, but we do know that in Gambon younger township at some stage had be highest murder rate in South Africa and killings like this one. I'm not, you know, extraordinary. These things happen all the time. Wheels understand from the police that they are still investigating. No one has been arrested yet. You also understand that after the shooting, the assailants took The mobile phones and wallets. So people are saying that well, this has been made to look like a robbery if it wasn't lead, a hit that was ordered from Rwanda. Yeah, And we do know that that several opponents off the Rwandan President Paul Kagame may have been killed abroad, including in South Africa, So I guess it's understandable that people might be making joining those kind of dots. A lot of people are joining those kind of thoughts. Because if you would recall in 2010 General Nyamwasa who was the Army general off their wonder, NAMI What was there was an assassination attempt on his life. In fact, there were two assassination attempts on his life. Followed, which in which you know people were arrested and convicted for that attempted murder. But a few years later in 2014, the former spy chief off Rwanda, Mr Petrick carry gear. Was also strangled, murdered at a a day hotel in Johannesburg. And at that time we do recall that pork. Obama had said that terrorists should not be spayed and that you know that that statement was then viewed as an attack on whoever was, you know. Seem to be opposing him and would also remember that back in 2014. The South African government was livid shortly after Mr Carry gear was murdered, went aspires expelling at the high commissioner off one day here in South Africa because they were saying that You know poker. Gammy was ordering hits to be taking place here in South Africa and poke a gamma himself in return, accused South Africa of harboring dissidents. Um So thank you for the update. The BBC's an answer. Mr Cho is talking to us from Johannesburg. Wait. You gotta talk about the vaccine in Israel that huge roll out of the vaccine there on what's being learned. There are also a little bit of art history. The first we go to one of our top.

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