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Cage anymore Cage free. No this breaking news are you saying that you're. Seeing this with a? Straight face I'm watching you practice mile is real it happened this week heard. Yesterday morning. I'm looking at eight o'clock this. All right saga talk about it so no more cages new animal cracker packaging. Sits these mighty beast free oh my God wow and then. It goes into the you know the decline and demise of the Barnum Bailey Last year All people, were were you know they were tired of seeing these these elephants paraded around, and may and you? Know what maybe they worshiping that. Elephants bad I, don't. Know right but this is, I mean this is where, rat now, you, know we. We need we. Need some we need some green and orange yellow bicycles here because. That's, cool coolness, this healthy we got joggers pint runners and Hey man? We're we're going to go motorized. Scooter okay but, we're. Going to get, rid of, the you know the the, the box, it, looks like. The animals are. In a in a train original pitcher was records they were gonna. Train, that's how, they went from town to town Right Well guess what? Happens I watched the, documentary not too long ago on. Horses. Okay show. Horses You know how they get all over the world chain frame plano. Plane, planes the cargo? Planes in their cargo, holding containers that are designed just. For. Shipping horses Now you think you put your little puppy on the plane. Okay and sometimes bad. Things happen okay horse in. You know? You can't, give them you? Know something that you own? Or suck on like a like a child so I come. Come they're not all over that you know I mean why is it why is it animal crackers They went on the rent Well I wonder if it's the have we hit? That separation rate with five oh one c. threes that now they're all scrambling for? Ways to to for why like why they still exist. Emmys every just getting tired Exactly Correct but I'm just wondering how far down the list was animal. Crackers I just think people just are very bored and they need something, today so they should go out and. Run I, mean. Amen sister a great. Segue hi. Fi Pig. On animal crackers leave. Him alone Discover. Any. Neighborhood go rhino or go run so so the real estate portion of this is supposed to be a run, through the neighborhoods of Dallas in you'll you'll notice, him? Some really neat houses and throwback right we're talking about the so what do you see when you're running through. Some, of these awesome. Older revitalize neighbor oh I love, it I am this morning when Iran actually I ran through old Highland Park and I just had to stop and. Take a picture of. These. Beautiful tiles it wasn't a Hetzel? Gosh, what was it a. Deck Dilbert yes Back and just say. That on the air. And. The Bill back I'll say it? Again But it, was gorgeous Spanish style And stop and take a picture because it was just absolutely beautiful in as to, see that detail to. See it not, be, torn, down I loved phev raw raw, and also you get to see you know if in deep Ellum one thing about how many breweries you talk about Dallas being. On, the. Up and coming Mark goodness gracious they've got so many awesome breweries that are in the? Top. In the, whole United. States. Yes I mean regular winners yes petticoats just. Came home with. A good one a good medal I can't remember which, one brain dead is out there and there's, a brewery brain dead brain, dead and they have excellent food And of course they're armory Called the best damn burger on TV sounds like the mobile home I lived, in once as a kid but it. Was a really nice mobile No like you're Rain dad's. Beer noble Ray I want to tell you that's another great brewery in it's awesome. To run from so any of those neighborhoods that, we're talking about it's really nice that you can just walk outside and go for a run, in phil-, safe you know and which. Is, really nice Yeah it is yeah, I mean, 'cause a few years ago You know Ali fifteen twenty years ago I don't. Know, that you. Can, necessarily run, fast enough between those points Good point at point it is it is it's really nice to, say to at all times of the day seeing groups of runners go out. There. And your neighborhoods and. Absolutely and, on on the other, side of another way to think about this too okay you're not a, runner I mean not to. Name names but maybe his initials might start with j. e. f. f. If, he was to move to a new neighborhood I would still encourage, him to, get out. And even drive solely round at different times and see if there are runners is the existence of. Runners and walkers generally indicates just what you're talking about, safety and liveability and that is so much what people. Are, looking for nowadays they don't just. Want the. The three. Point three bed two bath house with the white picket fence room, for two point eight children LA LA they actually want to be, able to park and walk to dinner or park chat with a neighbor and. I. Wonder if that's because. We're so electrically connected we now, search for that touchy feely connection more often well there's a I, mean there's The level of social awkwardness is? Going, up rapidly yes because it's too easy to not. Interact. With people no e- even when even within your own company organization or, amongst your friends it is really just easier to, text or, Email you, know instead, of Just call them or going over his shoulder hey how's it going Halen ask, about this, no of fourteen down. Here. Today I I had a meeting with with three other minute company, a really. Important stuff in you don't only took ten minutes okay. But, had we done it the way that we do. Things, now it would have you know quote Ben more efficient okay but it, will take an all day back between emails and, stuff you, know so The only way of doing stuff's, pretty. Still pretty good I agree with that sometimes emails and things like that things get, loft lost, in the shuffle has. Just. Face to face you got to put the right emoji owner exclamation, point and. Everything We come back let's let's talk more, about, running mullet let's talk more specifically about some of these. These other neighborhoods. In Dallas that possibly you should run through stick, around hi folks Brad sham here along.

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