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Welcome to the program everyone i'm christiane amanpour in london expectations will low going in and they got lower by the minute today's nato summit began on a note of unprecedented ferocity as president trump called out germany over a commercial enterprise a natural gas pipeline deal with russia this is what he said now you look at it germany is a kafue over russia because they supply they get rid of their coal to get rid of their nuclear getting so much of the oil is deaths from russia i think it's something that nato has to look at and her one on one meeting with president trump chancellor angela merkel would not address those comments but is germany controlled by or captive to russia as the president claims here the fox germany imports about a third of its natural gas from russia and is not dependent as the president accuses because it has a diverse mix of suppliers from europe the gulf states and even the united states so president trump's claim that seventy percent of germany's energy comes from russia and the nord stream pipeline is not correct not coincidentally president trump wants europe to buy more of its natural gas from guess where america few people know more about the complicated push and pull between russia and europe on trade and security than victorian ulan she was the assistant secretary of state for european affairs under president obama and she served as i'm bassett to nato for president george w bush ambassador newland welcome to the program thanks christiane good to be with you on this difficult day well listen difficult you say so tell me you have been there you know what all of this is about why do you think president trump did what other people are saying conflicted apples and oranges and launched the whole nato summit on this pipeline thing with russia i'm a little bit worried christiane that this is classic deflection you know he's worried about criticism that he's going to be too close to putin so we accuse somebody else of being too close to putin now that said the nord stream two pipeline the new pipeline between germany and russia is a mistake for germany president obama also worked with chancellor merkel to try to find alternatives for germany that's what we should be doing helping our friend be less dependent i agree that us ellen g could help germany they should be having a positive conversation about that not comparing merckel putin when she's been the one who stood up to him the strongest in europe so tell us about the mistake as you see it a nato summit is an enormous opportunity for the strongest countries in the free world to get together demonstrate their unity and and make clear that they will stand up to any threats to our way of life or to the global or that we maintain this is how the world has stayed in secure for seventy years a us president should go into the summit like that particularly when he's getting ready to see the leader in the kremlin rap is arms around america's allies and friends talk about all the strong and positive things we're doing together including the fact that defense budgets are growing in almost all of the nato allied countries and then use that strength as he goes in with putin to deal with the problems that are real in terms of us security and european security instead he's just made this big fight with our best friends with our best family essentially beating the family on the front lawn of the house while all the neighbors and particularly the hostile neighbours stand on the other side of the fence drooling go she really do paint very vivid picture and you do it in a bipartisan manner because as i pointed out you've served presidents from both parties and as we know the senate pasta almost unanimous bipartisan resolution supporting nato so that's really important to say i just wanted to ask you.

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