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Oh, Wm, no, man. I'm look. They'd give you two options for a reason why are people disrespecting the ginger sauce? That's what I want to know young salacious. And by the way you don't need to be absolute us about this. Okay. You they refill the yum, yum. Sauce on the rig over at Samarai and Benny honner if they're not doing it with a bad chef, what are you dip in the ginger sauce? Oh, the chicken. See anything years coming at me with. I think in the end up veggies, the veggies, the margin. Sauces. So good though. The mushrooms. Why? Why can't I do both guys hand. I spread it over the over the rice. I put the sauce and the ginger sauce. It's an explosion of flavor. What's the play for you with the botchy? Do save your rice for all the good stuff or do you just go after they put it on your plan? I can't. I don't have the discipline. However, small little life hack the bowl that they serve it in yet for the dinner Porsche, because nowhere to go for lunch, you turn it upside down so it maintains the heap the entire time. Okay. A lot of people make the mistake of putting it's hard to fight that instinct of you get handed a bowl of rice and you never wanna be the first person in the Riceland I was because the chef often tries to flip the Cup and a lot of rice falls out of the Cup, and he doesn't really often make it up to you. And what happens is my wife is tinier than I am and she gets more rice than I than I do. How is that fair anyways? Which wanna do is once you get the Cup, fight the urge to put it directly on your plate. If you want to save it on one of those wants to save it right after it. But if you do wanna save it, make sure to just put it up. Side down on one side of the plate. That way you get separation from the veggies and whatever else would be the chef masters go and put on your plate. The best. The best part is when the the chef distributes the rights to everybody, there's always a little extra. So he's like, who do I want to give the maintain contact? Yes, the entire key with that. And also another key when go into the hibachi plays it. My wife, for instance, does like does not like mushrooms. Okay. But if she tells the chef beforehand, give them my mushrooms, the chef will purposely not give me the double portion. He'll give me a slightly larger than average portion, but he's already taken that math into effect my wife and I figured this out. So what happens is she keeps her mouth shut up until the point where the chefs about to put the mushrooms on the plate. And then she puts her hand up and says, no give it to my husband, and then I get a true double portion of mushrooms. I do that with my wife shrimp she doesn't. She can't eat shrimps. So I never order shrimp because I know I'm going to get her extra. Yeah, fight the urge to tell the chef initially because the math will workout in your favor. However, if you stop them right before he's about to put it on the plate buco buco shrimp for you. I hate mushrooms. I used to not like him when I was younger, I like them, but your palate has been refined over the years, mushrooms with a knife and four. I, why do I gotta sauteed mushrooms free. I guarantee you, I guarantee I won't eat them Gregory. Okay, thank you. What are your thoughts you like a good hibachi restaurant? I do and I love mushrooms as well ginger, by the way, ginger sauce makes a fantastic salad dressing. Oh, absolutely. The salad dressing at the at the Benny hana's and a samurai zone had luckily samurais not a chain. It's like, I think it's the same. The one I think it's the only samurai, but it's in the falls area and internet conic join. I prefer the samurai over Benny hana's. That's just my deal. You guys like that sticky rice..

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