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The Short Montana that I've seen of them. Nfc of her. I just think she seems much more into him much more smitten in the relationship than he does. Yeah well BECCA. I feel fooled after after. He had an interview with Trevor and we. We Adore her. We thought he was great. We thought hey. If this doesn't work out for you you could be great for the Bachelor on starting to sing a different tune. And it's not because of Natasha who we are going to get into the mansion raising straight hell not. That's not it. It was his response to Natasha. It was his response in how he acted. I watched the Way People Act. Not necessarily what they say. Which is why now my antennas up with Trevor. So let's just gets into Tasha. Yes so latasha comes in beautiful right. I'm like the girl is Chilean. She's franch she thinks in Spanish. She sings in France. She's stunning. Say what can this woman not do well. In addition to that she comes in and she brings US drama. She brings great cv so we thank you for that. So she comes in and says she knows. Trevor because she was friends with travers ex girlfriend and then she reveals to the group that there's no other way to say it. Charles dog he's a dirty dog So what did you think about the TASHA coming in? Did you believe her? Did she think she was exaggerating? Like what was your initial. Take mine take okay. You know me you know. I have my doubts girl. So I'm all about honesty and transparency so the fact that she came in and was like I'm going to say like it is. I'm not going to hold anything back again and I appreciate. I don't think it's anyone's place to Start Gossiping. And saying what she was saying to the entire group now if rains if her main concern was really. I don't want this to happen to another girl. She should've been waited for Jamie ticket home and had a conversation in separately with Jamie. Okay again people this is a TV. Show I get that. We need the drama. We need things to be amped up a certain way but I don't think it was her place to pull trevor aside and to basically say you have to tell her this because this is his first date with this girl like Jamie and trump. This is their very first date. And if all of the allegations that Natasha's says are true of trevor like that. He did cheat on her friend a year and a half ago. Okay everybody has passed. Everybody has made mistakes if trevor is into Jamie and into the relationship at some point and hopefully he's GonNa respect turnoff to be honest and tell her when he's ready but I don't think necessarily after a first date Having somebody else basically say you have to tell her I well after she's already told twenty other people it just the wrong way again. I'm not saying she shouldn't have been honest. But I think the approach could have been handled very differently. This is where I agree with you and then I disagreed on one part so I definitely agree. She should not have told the whole room. It was like she was trying to turn the whole House against driver but I think that she was right to confront Trevor. And Not Jamie. You don't know Jamie your your beef with trevor so we have traveled the opportunity to tell Jamie but I agree with you too. That it's not the the best time to say it on the first day but when he said he's made mistakes. Jamie didn't ask the right questions on their date. He's like Mate's mistakes in the past. Jamie Lee should be like. I'm sorry. What MISTAKES. What exactly right at the end of the day. Jamie's also twenty one. So I feel like she doesn't have necessarily the experience or the wherewithal to ask those questions. Maybe half those experiences in a relationship I I think my favorite part though was when Trevor's seasonal Tasha they get back from the day and Natasha's like I know you and he's like carrying a credit look familiar and she's like I'm friends with your ex girlfriend and then she's like I'd love to talk to you and he's like yeah. Let me go get settled for a second. She's like actually no bitch right now. Talk to me right now. And I felt like she had his number he was gonna go try to figure out how he knew her linger out kind of his how he was going to approach the conversation with their and get a game plan together and she was like absolutely not. You'RE GONNA sit down right now with me and have this conversation. I loved it. I will say there was one part in that conversation between Natasha and Trevor. That can bother me a little bit because and it wasn't until the very end when you know she asked him did you lie. Did you cheat whatever the part at the very end where she goes and I don't remember where forward what she said like? Are you going to go tell Jamie and like act on this? And he goes yes I am and her response goes while it doesn't seem like that to me and in my mind. I'm like doesn't response. You should be giving it. This just met him. You just met Jamie for two seconds. You don't know how he's going to after how he handled certain things so that that comment and I wrote that in my notes. That's the part that irked me And then going back to your thing about Jamie and you know she is only twenty one. She probably hasn't been in too many relationships to kind of know how to navigate certain situations. I mean we do kind of see it. The instance where it Natasha. Trevor go off and Jimmy's left talking with other women and she starts sobbing and it's like the end of the world and will look wise anything going right. It's like honey. Give it time give it three hours. Have a conversation with him. Get his side of things before you think. The world is ending So you are starting to kind of see. Jamie's age a little bit. I like Jamie. I think she's like we spunky. I enjoy watching her. I enjoy listening to her saying on but it is just an age thing that you you do. See between her and some of the other contestants. Yeah because she can't be definitive with her decision. She said. Sheetings dill breaker for her. And this world. You only have a few seconds days. Whatever weeks to really get to know someone so you Kinda have to be very definitive and Mike your stance on what what you're gonNA take and whatnot and if you're just meeting somebody and you find out that they have this past people can't change totally change but In this instance. I thought maybe she shouldn't have just been all in with trevor inches taken a step back and say like we'll still navigate this relationship. But I'M NOT GONNA put all my eggs in one basket one thing out and this is for batter nation people to never trust okay. So you see Jamie. And she's balling and she's got these real tears and the.

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