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If indeed, that's a reason the ball travels a little better but we would that be a consideration I know that not hill gang is is quite popular out there but do you think it affects? The wind patterns and therefore the flight of the ball or in could that be on the table for for leaving? Yeah. I. Mean I. Don't really want to speak out of turn Ballpark Kinda decisions or a lot of people would be involved in those but dancer the question. It certainly, a plausible theory for me but I think about you know we we made a number of changes to the ballpark obviously putting the bullpens out in Centerfield You know I think anytime you chain structurally the configuration of the Ballpark you know wind patterns are so complicated. It's really hard to know how things are going to effected. So if if if some wind pattern expert came in and said, putting the bullpens in in Centerfield has increased, the carry out to right field would believe it I'm none of us really know any better so I think. Between the you know changes made in center field. You know not having fans at the park who knows how that affects affects things in the aerodynamics So I think that could be due to a number of actors I. Think we're open to anything I mean certainly I know our players have been very happy to see some that carry out to right field, and hopefully we can take advantage of it at these tapes we have coming up. We'll forearm. Thank you so much for this and thanks for your honesty and willingness to address all these topics much absolutely. I wanted to again. Thank far Hans Eighty for joining us on the giant Splash podcasts, Henry Shulman, and I will continue bringing new podcast as we ventured deeper into twenty twenty season. The giants splash is a production of the San Francisco, chronicle podcast producers. King Kaufman and Allen Johnson, the theme song. Batter up was written.

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