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Are linked to trump. That aren't that aren't doing anything. There's also a lot of crypto rose on their given their advice. And i don't know how sound advice or if i would want to follow any of that yeah. Most most crypto bros. Have terrible advice. You know who else has gone on there yet. As far as i can tell tim pool. And i don't like tim i think tim's kind of fully sniffen his own his own farts if you get it lately. Because the guy's got a he's a millionaire in the middle of the maryland woods and people just kind of worship them both on the left and the right and and he hasn't jumped on together and he's kind of what he's a journal is supposedly a journalist and he's not he he's kind of like even he hasn't gone there yet and since none of those guys have gone that way that tells me they know something about getter. Get that That you and i haven't been told we also have a lot of technical issues right now. I haven't been able to put in profile voter photo my cover photo and upset like two different posts in. They've yet the post so there's technical issues too. Yeah yep yeah it's absolute So and and the twitter style service. I'm going to get into this circle now folks. The twitter sow service launched on sunday. Okay never mind. The pla- as the platform officially launched a quickly faced in rare problems. Like justin just said sunday because it launched on the fourth of july Getter was briefly hacked. The accounts of its most popular verified users. We're targeted getters. Officials aboard paves was also compromised among hacked accounts were secretary of state. Mike pompeo for roy. Advisor steve bannon congresswoman marjorie taylor green and the pro trump media platform newsmax. Each of these accounts were hacked with the same message which read juma bay. Baguette was here free. Palestine counter i tax around eight thirty. Am on sunday morning and most will return to their previous state. Ten in response to the hack miller the ceo of Said the issue was quickly addressed and noted that more than five hundred thousand users had already signed up for the platform. Yeah but i don't even know if they're real those are bots. I don't doubt that any of these platforms would use technology to try and inflate their numbers to make. It seem like it's a place that people go and actually hang out him. So i don't i don't believe honestly that there's five hundred thousand people that have signed up for something like getter and if they are soon as trump because trump has to launch is frigging stupid social media platform as soon as he does it. They're all gonna leave so this. I feel like this is just a short term gripped. I'm sure they should've called the drifter but they want to give it to. My didn't want to give away the entire. But sunday's hack was not the only issue that faced say was also flooded with pornographic images in gifts on saturday after the platform posted. Its first welcome message. Because of course user spam post with other graphic hint videos and image of hillary clinton. Just just hillary clinton. I don't want to say the rest wasn't looking at that point. Yeah right that enough to keep you away from the platform. Just cnn rapids. The platform has also been flooded with different kinds of awful imaging. Leftists means photos. I can't even read half of this. The social media platform filtered out nude images or other content while get. I'm sorry while other social media's do that they really don't twitter dozen it's accessible. Getter did not appear to do so this weekend unless the company said it reserves the right to address content at comes to our attention that we is pornographic alongside materials. That may be quote offensive obscene lewd lucious filthy violent harassing threatening abusive legal or otherwise objectionable. Which means they're gonna start. Banning banning on sunday described the new platform as the twitter killer. That's funny twitter killer. No it's not especially if it's running off twitter. Stuff miller recently left his position as trump's spokesman to launch guetta. Tim murtaugh who was once. Trump's communications director also worked as a consultant. Yeah crs old white. Dude's totally who i need to find. Wooten will let me say this to nine. technically developed white guys or just dudes. Those are the guys. I want running my platform once again. Trump is not become a part of this former president's gonna make his decision to dead today. 'cause they're all they're all creating websites in the whole to give trump options to give trump options about it. Oh hey what are you gonna do. It's it's just one of these absolutely foolish things just like Parlor everybody jumped on parlor. And i think parlour. Nah i don't think parlors the reason. Why won't chase these pro conservative free speech platforms outside of something like gab. Right parlor was our free speech and all this other stuff parlor before it got nuked. Its controls were wonky. Now were relaunched. Nobody uses it anymore because it got nuke from orbit getter is probably a month or two away from getting nuked for morbid as well. There's a lot of weirdos on there. A lot of the people they claim are on gabar on also on getter. And it's really not a site you wanna be on because guess what folks who's who's also got Accounts on the the fbi. The girl in the ma the blonde girl in the maga hat that message you that wants to be your friend. Yeah i that guy. That's the cia. Either that or it's a girl looking to get some money from you the fbi. They're all watching that camp. That that place that i mean. They're watching twitter and stuff but you know if it's a quote unquote trump social network. They're going to be watching it even more. That's over the sacred of the bear. Brief here on the crusade channel always on aero of crusade channel dot com coming up. We're going to keep looking at any breaking news that comes out. And then we're going to read this article from the american thinker talk about grading trump's supreme court and my review of the tomorrow wars coming up here in the babri. Even the general the last live radio station standing.

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