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You'd think someone that wanna come in help you to get that money out of your wallet. And recommend the concealed. What else you got to go right to doing it? Right. Yeah. Right. The powder and then in in the end, the right brush and the whole situation. The natural versus aesthetics and finish that you want. Anyway. So it's like you burn islander. Apparently, I was looking for gold eyeliner, but I wanted to gold liquid. A pen island afraid of guy liner. No, any maybe I look online stickers. We're talking before we started recording these I'm watching Pat McGrath miss might be obsession for another time. And she just see best makeup videos on her Instagram. It's the best and it's the coolest shit, and it looks amazing. I found Mark Jacobs one and it'll do for now, but it's a pencil and I wanted like a pin like a marker. I can't do I wanted to clean the very high shimmer, but Mike the McDougals pretty good this cold on. I can only do I can only do like the pencil like the coal. Yeah. Pencil eyeliner because it just irritates my eyes. Sure. Yeah. Right. Time for like years ago, I discovered this. And I was like, oh, this is another reason. I don't care for me. This is another point against you. I never got a chance to learn how to do it properly because my eyes are just like find a brand that doesn't happen. But you probably have to try six seven different ones. All twelve to thirty dollars e some like, yeah. Go would probably be good brand for you. I have a good pencil that I that is the go-to. Yeah. You sound like wear makeup..

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