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Fifty one minutes after one o'clock maybe I should've played Texas flood from Stevie ray instead of right joint National Weather Service is issuing a severe thunderstorm warning thunderstorm warning for Los Alamos county north central New Mexico the central St of all county north central New Mexico north western Santa Fe county severe thunderstorm rough morning look outside right now you see why sure we have possibly to sixty mile an hour gusts two hands on the wheel radar indicates hail damage to vehicles is expected expect wind damage to roofs location impacting includes Los Alamos white rock Bandelier Cochiti frijoles canyon Santa Fe area Sandoval county Hey precautions heavy rains and severe thunderstorms can produce sudden and dangerous lows and Reuters ditches and over low water crossing turn around don't drown I just issued by the National Weather Service once again severe thunderstorm warning for Los Alamos and of all Santa Fe county take it seriously eighty two degrees probably dropping good chance of rain obviously wind blowing about fifteen but expected to gusting to sixty as the squall moves into this area look outside right now is getting pretty dark out tomorrow eighty six degree chance rain Thursday eighty eight chance rain Friday eighty eight fans rain Saturday chance of rain eighty eight degrees Sunday partly sunny also eighty eight degrees all right I'm police violence cameras body cameras now required in ninety days unfortunately you know they have to come up cities and counties and part of the part of the issue the Republican Party New Mexico took with the bill was.

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