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And then there were the cheapies in the movies that were that were cranked out. And you know, the universal pitchers. Did a lot of those and universal was sort of the red headed stepchild of the motion picture studios in those days of the big by MGM paramount. And so on what what years resist that was like pretty much since Universal's inception. Universal was considered sort of like the red headed stepchild for a long time. And the company was always on the verge of bankruptcy, even within our like movie, monsters and all that stuff. Yeah. After after the forties. You know, they almost went bankrupt. Every couple of years for an example in horror movies kept saving universal. Right. And it was universal picked up horror of Dracula from hammer, and cursor Frankenstein, and they released cursor Frankenstein, I and horror of Dracula I think the following year and both of those movies like, especially where Dracula like saved universal because it made so much bleeding money. And then a couple years later give Ursel again is like kinda teeter-tottering, and then they release a nineteen sixty three they released king. Congress has God Zola which was the big hit of the summer of sixty three and eight mile through universal. Yeah. And they'll universal again. So you know, universal was always kind of like the laughing stock of the other studios MGM. Did the giant production shit paramount and Twentieth Century Fox, and and they all kind of just chuckled at universal. You know, universal was the guy that got kicked around by them. You know in you know, in hindsight looking back at those films..

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