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Now. Mold absolutes, you're telling John Ashley university softball Kayla. Rogerson robbing Kristen Prieto by running not over but through the wall leaving her. But that's a better catch. Oh, yeah. Now, listen aval university. Right. My backyard can't City, Missouri. Can we reinforce the fences a little bit that young lady could have gotten hurt, but she made a smell don't reinforce this. What have gotten her absolutely agree to disagree different loss? Okay. So if his reinforces 'cause I'm not sure back into. Meteorically? Let me tell you something. Nick, you want the fence to give not your body and your bones your ligaments philosophy. Okay. He doesn't. All right. Let's talk have you ever played outfield. What we go time you answer with the laying comes along. Smart. What Irv where do you think? They put me playing baseball wasn't very good player. Haymaking status out his NFL team rankings head into the twenty nine thousand nine season. Look at the NFC east. The eagles came in at number eight while Dallas came in at number sixteen even after winning the division last season. Not having to discuss f are Washington and the giants are ranked. All right. See what's the biggest factor in who wins the NFC this season wins? It's his time in it's his time. They've traded Nick foles. He can't afford to be injured after get injured the last two seasons. His overall leadership people on the team question. He said he was going to make some adjustments. And they've added some things got him another running back, Jordan Howard. I believe he's ungraded. He can run the ball because they have a big physical offense of line. The Sean Jackson coming back to Philly as one of the best deep threats that we've ever seen in the NFL. This stage is set for Carson Liz to Bill return to that MVP type season. He had circle seasons. Go with seems like. Man that seems like a lifetime. Yes. They've won a Super Bowl. They've had another year. They've had fold play a couple of times since then when we were discussing Prescott contract, and I was running down the list of quarterbacks when I was talking about. How IB hasn't paid thirty million bucks running list of quarterbacks we that are clearly better than him. I said kind of offhandedly Carson Wentz, and I was really taken aback by the response from a lot of people like how are why are you making the case that Dak has been better than Carson Wentz up to this point in their career? And I do think Carson is a better player and I- Carson has the higher ups. I think Carson has more ability. But it made me revisit what their careers have been. And it is interesting when you look at okay. So Dak never misses games. Carson's been hurt to last year's Dax won a playoff game. Carson is yet to play in a playoff game. There are some elements of where it's like, oh, so even though we know how good Carson can be. I agree with you. A thousand percent it is about Carson putting together a full sixteen game season of how good he can be in for deck. It's about something not about health. But it's about can his growth continue on the trajectory. We saw from last year. Once they got Amari Cooper conduct pick up where he in the passing game left off last year, which was a legitimate passing game for the final half last year, which they absolutely didn't have. I wanted to Cowboys biggest weakness in the first half of last year before the Amari trae. Okay. So then I'll see this. What do you think is more likely to happen deck Prescott improves or Carson Wednesdays healthy? Carson Wednesdays healthy Carson Wentz. The guy that can run franchise. He has everything that you would want. You can't control. If guys are going to get hurt. And there's only a few Brett Farr Peyton Manning's out there. So for me what Carson Wentz has shown has been enough for me to be able to believe in. He has everything. He's a great athlete. Elite. He's tall. He's strong in the pocket and make plays. If I get someone a free runner in the backfield. He can do something with that. I like how you distribute the football. He can throw it deep intermediate. How he can layer football over top of linebackers all those things he such a superior passer than anyone else that's end the NFC east..

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