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Real way to get out because there are trust issues if they were to issue their own currency you can actually assuage a lot of that by saying our april this is how much bitcoin corner holding this is the currency were printing this currency is backed by this bitcoin and if you want to make your currency deflationary then you peg to a specific bitcoin amount of bitcoin and if you wanna make it not deflationary than you say this is this many you know a dollars or pounds or whatever kind of benchmark you want worth of bitcoin at any given time in a serb redeemable fashion and you could actually have a really interesting system where governments that have repeated histories of driving their currencies into the ground actually can issue functional currencies be constrained by that because there is much more transparency than in a gold system and still benefit as a government as an entity as a country from the appreciation of bitcoin over time yeah we've we've just enter a whole rallumer for cryptocurrencies for bitcoin itself for the broader space air since the geopolitical stage thanks are gonna keep increasing and the drama is going to keep increasing but so is the value of decentralisation censorship resistance and neutrality under those pressures those things become very very valuable thanks for listening to this episode of let's talk bitcoin's this episode was sponsored by easy dn scom content for today's show was provoked by stephanie andreas jonathan and adam this episode was edited by matthews up can and featured music by joerg rubens and the new time any questions or comments imo adam at let's talk bitcoin dot com.

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