President Trump, Russia, Iran discussed on Glenn Beck


And area Aldinger Defense warned of possible election interference in the 2020 presidential election from a foreign country. Now they say they have proof of President Trump's director of National intelligence, John Radcliffe announced the FBI has identified efforts by Russia and Iran to gather voter information, some voter registration information. Has been obtained by Iran. And separately by Russia. He said Iran has used the information to send spoof emails to voters and claim they were aimed at harming President Trump but did not say how they reached that conclusion. It comes as Florida law enforcement officials announced Wednesday they were investigating emails targeting Democratic voters threatening them if they didn't vote for Trump, Mark Malard. ABC NEWS No response yet from Iran. At a rally in North Carolina President Trump locked House Judiciary Committee chair Adam Schiff for pursuing an investigation into Russian influence in the 2016 and then shift that's where he bled. He said. It's Russia Did it is Russia. Russia, Russia, They probably think we're the wackiest people. Former President Obama campaigning for Democrat Joe Biden in Pennsylvania that this president wants full credit for the economy he inherited. And zero blame for the pandemic that he ignored. You know what the job doesn't work that way. Biden is preparing for tomorrow night's debate. The Supreme Court blocked curbside voting in Alabama. The justices tossing out a lower court order, which mandated state officials provide accommodations for physically challenged voters during the pandemic. Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee say they'll vote tomorrow just after 9 A.m. on Supreme Court nominee Amy Cockney Barrel. They made the change after Democrats said they plan to boycott the vote, Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer says, is there A sharp increase in covert 19 cases since that state Supreme Court struck down her restrictions. Your listening to ABC News.

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