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Came up with are are spectacular for guys that are playing to have some type of residual income when you're finished planes did you start that while you're playing so you don't go from making millions of dollars and then soon as you walk off the field you have nothing coming in i i think there's i think there's something to be said there that the guys need to look into that a little bit more to to be ready for that next time then the next step in life and it's a tough transition you know it's kinda hard to redefine yourself after you always being football player your whole life soon as you're done you're right looks at your football plate you're so far behind in business and and you know and and everyday life that you know you put one hundred percent and you can ask any guy that played in the league they put a hundred percent on that field and that's what you're concert on that you're not really concentrate on business and in other things you're concentrate on what you're your tash your professional athlete you need you know that's we put all your time in the nfl does a good job they have annuities for guys that now it's mandatory to be in where you collect money so there's good things that the nfl eller doing the nfl doing but i do think that guy should be more repaired and hopefully we can help out some of those guys for the future well said well says so go into next as well talk about some of the horror stories because that's why i love to hear you know everybody wants to the national enquirer like i was reading this article this one guy had ten kids and seven wives holy moly another one said the moment he signed that contract mother says yomiuri million dollars so you have women you have family you have friends and you have investment advisers and you know for years kim and i were asked by both nfl and the national basketball association could we come in and talk to the young athletes about how to manage their money and the first person that stepped up against us where the managers they didn't want us getting between their player and they didn't want us in there because they want to give them the financial advice.

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