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User. Handkerchief user and like handkerchiefs are pretty common in japan. Like people just loved have little towels handkerchiefs stuff. And whenever sossamon blow their nose. I'm like you gotta throw that away right point that out of here or do you have like a insulated pocket where you could put snot rags into that. You care because what. I bet the inside of your pocket look like god knows what right. Yeah unless you have some technology. We're not aware of please. Yeah thank god for the development of disposable tissues up to going up. Or i mean. Maybe i'm come up with an idea like you need an insulated pocket. So if you're going wild with a reusable handkerchiefs. Because i get it like. It is more resourceful to reuse anti microbial underwear. Why aren't we blown. I live it every time. I don't know what they're thinking. Because i'm still stinking. They said this cases bullshit rain here. I guess i need to call rudy. Giuliani up to represent me in this lawsuit. They're telling lies over their kid. Cutty is trending west kit cuddy trendy new album and alone three so a good to see a kid cut. He's been he's been through it all it's been on. Hbo he's been terribly tied to kanye was declared himself came back. Whatever is going had ups and downs. But yeah he's he. He teased like new art for it. Track list so it's it's happening. Which am i'm excited to see what that looks like. What what. What was he doing on. Hbo how to make it in america. Remember that show. Oh yeah that was like he was on the. Yeah yeah he was in it and he was like just like a character in it and like whoa scott scotty can act but again i remember watching that show and that was like the beginning of the end for me because i hated it because i at the time was around the age of the people and i'm like the economy is is not working like this for people my age a radio. People don't live in impossible fucking apartments in new york. Hbo but that's every show. I don't think anyone i like. What are the shows that actually have realistic depictions of how a new yorker who isn't a millionaire lives roseanne rent but not really a roseanne does not take place in new york city. By the way. I'd documentaries about like the eighties seen nothing seriously. I mean again it's all part of that mystique of shaming people into thinking. That's normal and that. If you have anything less than that that just shut the fuck up and be ashamed. And aspire to that thing on tv. Was that a darren star joint the dude who did sex in the city. I don't think so. I don't know is it. I don't know it just feels like it was like you know sex in the city for in edleman of the. Yeah the one and only do you think like i think. That's probably a two way bias. Where because americans just like to like financial fairytales they let they don't wanna see people deal with real financial realities but also like when you look at who gets like writers jobs and like all the thankless bullshit and Interning that you have to do. Like i'm sure a lot of these people that is realistic. It's just they don't mention their rich parents or whatever you know it's but but that's the that's like the hard part is like you know. Why can't you just embrace that. Some people are like normal. Fuck rather than like 'cause i think what it does even if you're not saying this is good and this is bad or whatever explicitly if the message you are getting you know as being reinforced visually over and over is that an interior over home has to have these you know has to have an eames chair in it and a fucking cool art and all this other shit with a doorman than you'd like that become then we lose track of what's normal and what is like sort of exaggerated but whatever whatever. This isn't a show right. Take down how to make it in america. Although that put that aloe black. I need money. That's where that song really started. Popping off is the thing i need. What does i need. i need dollars. Decimated dollars is what i need. Mario lopez kfc is trending. This is one of those things that they have created so that people like us talk about it. And they've won yes. Congratulations mario lopez. So they made a like a holiday romcom where he plays colonel sanders. Yeah falling in love with mrs andrews. Yeah we it's. It's called a recipe for seduction and then the subtitles. We all have. Our secrets is just happens to be a recipe for seduction. Yeah i don't i. It's like a mini movie as they call it. Lifetime mini movie. That'll be on. I'm not gonna give them free promo but you can find it I like doing a press. Release in like a teaser trailer. And movie poster around a funny or die video like or better yet. A funnier die piece of branded content. Feels like did does no one hundred percent. It's also just. I mean it's it. It makes sense you know as i track the holiday movie market. You know mario lopez. He's right now. He's on he's on peacock he's gonna say by the bell doing a pretty good job. I must say he's also was in felice navidad ram- rave wonderful romcom holiday rom com film. And now he's in this one So the the lopez stock is on the rise. So i know some people. I saw like on the discord people. Were like whoa like is. It should should colonel sanders. Be so hot. I you know colonel colonel sanders whatever he is anyway so you can be whatever whatever the fuck these people want to do. With his legacy. Whatever the isn't he made up anyway. Colonel sanders music a caricature to front the company right to give it this. Like slave owner backstory. He was actual. He was a serial. Failure is a businessman who late in life owned a gas station that was failing but he served fried chicken out of the gas station shop. And that's and that's where he gold is a real person. Okay well then great. yeah tastic. True marr- you dream definitely not a colonel though right definitely not. That's like eh being knighted in kentucky. Become a colonel. Is i think quite literally a kentucky. Colonel was the name of the title. Damn somebody hooked me up with it with that. Casey hookup ray right. I should be do colonel. O'brien colonels o'brien and ray hell. Yeah man i would for a man. I would be insufferable. If i was a colonel even a kentucky colonel i love. I love stupid title. They bless you with mountain dew and Put a pitchfork your shoulders. I don't know what the what the sword equivalent for villa slugger louisville slugger. Boom much better. Thank you Yeah to kentucky place that. Even though i lived. I just denigrated with terrible dismissive stereo types. Y'all love you do with la. Yeah yeah You know you're from somewhere. Or i don't know.

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