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You know in mccafferty is powerful new play quietly two min walk into a bell fastball arm but what happens next is no joke and it's not very quiet they're meeting to talk about what happened in that far some forty years before an event that change both their lives the play which is originated which originated the abby theater and double and is now once each at the irish rep on west twenty second street where it's just been extended with this original cast patrick cocaine depth when cullen and rob it so what skinny two it's going to be running until september twenty fifth and i'm very pleased to welcome all cast member sore shown today hello patrick you play jimmy who seems angry from the minute we for see him to story well thirty five years before he lost his father not for a pump and heat this is the first time he's going to make it perpetrated that act and and gift when you play in the man who perpetrated that act you call the meeting yeah yet in as the one who has a so just of the meeting needed to meet him and jimmy is gonna decides to the meetings should take place on the very it about it was the event up they were both sixteen years old in nineteen seventy four win this event happened they did they know each other ever and and they haven't met before they meet in the bar this is a first time of the match the bother meeting in as you say was the isn't as the jimmy's regular bar it seems a yeah yeah and and has as they haven't been there no he mentions in the cause of the fear that he has stood out suddenly looks from the outside but he has never ventured inside those meeting their give jimmy an advantage because its home turf he i hope so well he set up both i kind of punishment for him but it turns into per victory for jimmy until robert you play the bartenders polish and also named robert why uses nationality significant other alot of polish immigrants and bell fast well yes there's a lot of beauchemin grants inbound tossed an island in the notre minus well and england on that the significant because most because roberts has it i wish life and polish gotten into play he also some very complicated personal relationships and and i would say also the poland and island are pretty similar conscious in some way soon knots the significance for me is similar to play there's a lot of complex in poland on the play and a problem the plate is between catholics and produce numbers for touchdowns as well and then of course they share soccer the pars tv is showing a soccer match between poland and northern ireland just a coincidence there was a match the real matching two thousand twelve and to comes in town which uncommon an ocean island.

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