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Let's open up now. Getting to some of these specific guys that have have caught our. Who's the first guy that you want to talk about. Well just looking at the giants history They have a thing about drafting senior bowl. Mvp so i got asked about killing monde. Exactly why you'd ask that. Give it that history. I think what's interesting with monde He's a very high variance type of prospect. Like you could see an flashes whether it was a senior bowl or even throughout the season drought his career in college moments. Where you're like okay. I can see how this could you make it in the national football league. I could see why he be fascinating. Prospect and my team should be intrigued by as well very sort of. I'd say common poised under pressure times You know if he's blitzed. If there's a your breakdown he seems to handle those moments well. He responds to pressure the pocket from all angles extremely well but the problem with has won a variance problem with them as one of consistency for all those high flashes there are low moments for all those good moments. there are struggles and you even saw that during the week. We saw that from an interesting quarterback prospect one three cbo process you four dak prescott. Prescott had a bad senior bowl. We got i wanted to. That's week not impressed with prescott. I wasn't impressed but then showed out of the game and that speaks to his competitive toughness and it might be a similar situation with monde. Where you'll practice week has its ups and downs. His career had his ups and downs. But in the right situation he could really develop into a high end backup spot starter and maybe if you hit a home run on maybe. He becomes a star quarterback in the national football league. So i think there are reasons to like him but it's that lack of true consistency that i think will hold him back. We'll see him slide today three so our listeners might be aware of this. I'm a pretty big notre dame fan. I actually cover notre dame on a different network. And i gotta ask about in book. Because i've watched him throughout his whole career winning his quarterback in notre dame history the there are some notre dame fans and alumni. who think. He's joe montana. Which i think we can all agree here that he's not joe montana but i really do believe he's going to turn into a very very good backup quarterback some of the names that i really liked for him are like a younger version of colt mccoy or trace mcsorley. Hearing one that. I've used a ton is eastern stick. Just somebody who sticks on a roster really smart a good leadership type guy who he will. Keep your team on schedule. He's not going to create huge splash. Plays he doesn't have a huge arm but he can do things within your offense to keep things moving. So you're not completely screwed. Come the event that daniel jones is injured. So what are your thoughts on the book and do you think he could be a good fit for this team. I think so. I think i think joe a lot. The names you just mentioned. They're call mccoy ob trace mcsorley. I think those are very good. Comparisons for where ian book is and what he could bring to the table. I mean what. I talked earlier about. Having somebody your defense can go up against to get ready. I think he checked up on day one because he does have that athleticism. And i do think that when you start thinking about what for rookie quarterback's athleticism is one of the biggest things to have in today's nfl. Because you know. The days of the oddest quarterback the days of the light. Tom brady battleship. Pocket quarterback are fallen by the wayside. Unless you have tom. Brady's elite feel and footwork for the pocket. You're sitting duck back there so you have to have the ability to extend an escape with your legs and book has the ability to play eleven on eleven in the run game because of your is a quarterback matters is a huge bonus for nfl offenses of book has that and again the sort of leadership qualities that you bring to the position. This is a this is not a snap to finish position. It's a film room to finish position like there's so much that goes into play the quarterback position and book from everything. I've read about him for over and have been told about. We saw unforeseeable week because he's one of those guys that got a little bit better as the week went on which speaks to that coach. Billy element egypt's those boxes as well. You know a lot of people have said like you know. Spot starter type. A lot of people said deal on an upper end of the range drew brees. I don't know if i'd go that far. But i do think that it sit here right now would have shocked me of ten years from now. He's still in the league. Absolutely not you know could be called the co two point. Oh absolutely love people say well. We've got cole mccoy. Why bet on the mystery box and he a book. Well because i think he has the elite of better athletic trade sue ham than cole mccoy at fits the motto game better at so if you draft him as your qb three for this year with an eye towards eventually being that back better backup option. Bench ledeen an upgraded cole mccoy plus with a potential to just for you if the starter daniel jones goes down because of his athleticism and his athletic traits. I think there's a positive to that. There's a plus to that. So if they draft ian book around six round seven something like that. I think it's a very good pick. I know we were going to talk about backup. Quarterbacks guys towards the end of the draft maybe developmental prospects. But there's just one trend. I've been seeing over less two weeks or so that that i've got it bring up and that is mack. Jones talking about the draft network has been listed. forty third on their big board So far i've seen three very recent mock drafts by big outlets of one was deemed burglar. the other Obviously todd mcshay. And then i think chad router all of them had the top fifteen with usually with washington trading up to get him trading up to fourteen to get him. So is that. Just recency bias. You know he's. He had that good week at the senior bowl. And then use the basically the last quarterback standing out of the college season or are there things there that maybe the league sees but some of us on the outside just aren't seeing I think from media outlet perspectives. Part of it as recess you buy as part of it is the senior bowl because i think evaluators of the media wanted to see him outside of the jalen devante smith nausea harris offense. Like can't he's sort of be an effective quarterback what he doesn't have potentially three first round picks outside of and that does up. I've got alabama fans in my mentioned. Say all the time in my dm's all the time saying why joe burrow qb one in first pick overall it. He had all those weapons. Why is at the same happened. It would match on. So i'm hearing it from all angles right now. You mentioned oh does the nfl like more and this is a good moment to bring up the fact that people that are going to be making these decisions have mortgages to pay of bills debate..

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