Vice President, President Obama, President Trump discussed on John Reid



And harassment ABC's Kenneth. Gibson reports from New York in a just published New Yorker article six additional women are coming forward with allegations against les Moonves as Phyllis golden godly told the magazine move as sexually assaulted her in one thousand nine hundred six massage therapist. Deborah also claims moonville exposed himself to her during a session in the nineties. These latest accusations had to those from seven other women who previously accused moon Vazza the fences ranging from unwanted advances to sexual assault. Vice President Mike Pence is criticizing President Barack Obama after the former president spent part of the weekend on the campaign trail ABC's Emily row is in Washington with more they race toward the midterm elections is heating up and now President Trump has some competition on the campaign trail, President Obama made another appearance in California over the weekend. Vice President Mike Pence, then said on Fox News Sunday people in two thousand sixteen rejected the policy and direction of rock Obama when they elected president, Donna. Trump also called the anonymous op Ed in the New York Times at assault on our democracy calling on its author to resign. Emily row. ABC news, Washington. The Dallas plays officer that shot and killed her neighbor. Christian youth minister last week has been arrested. Thirty year old Dallas police officer, amber Geiger has been arrested and charged with manslaughter in the shooting death of twenty six year old both John late Thursday, Geiger, reportedly told authorities she returned home after her shift and walked into an apartment she thought was hers and ended up shooting. John who later died at a hospital..

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