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Needlessly. How about a sheriff's deputy in Washington state, brutally murdered ambushed by evidently, an illegal tackle that in just a moment. Also, of course, the president off tomorrow Lago today talking about the radical radicalization of Democrats talking about, you know, the Mahler report apparently again as he has said over and over and over again, no collusion. It is a little bit insane to see the way the left is responding right now, I've I've said over and over the attitude the atmosphere the mood that I sense is is one of fear of being frantic of being desperate. Mark your first up on the Mike Gallagher show. Hey, mark. Welcome aboard. Hi, how you doing? How you say? I'm good. Thanks. I think the problem is is they're blind hate for Trump is leading them off in directions that they really don't care, and they forgotten that they work for the people and they're just not doing their jobs anymore. All they can think about is going after Trump. That's I mean, and it's a rage. That's irrational. You know, I never really here like civil policy disagreements, you know, if you noticed that it's never well, you know, should we support Israel or let's have a instead of saying, let's have a productive conversation about the border. It's he's a monster. He's a monster. He's a he's a he's addicted. He's a dictator all this crazy. He's he's mentally ill. And yet all these. I mean, Mark it's not even it's it's hard to describe isn't it. I live in a liberal state. I live in Connecticut and. You mentioned the word Trump because they the person that comes out of their mouth. Yeah. Just the other day was the guy saying, he's a vile human being wouldn't be done. I don't get it. They're unfounded. Look at look at what's happening look at what's happening even to law enforcement. Now, we had a as you've heard Mark we had a law enforcement officer who was brutally killed in Washington state, and we have men and women who are border patrol agents, we have ice immigration customs enforcement. These are these are brave people these are noble people. And of course, not every cop not every law enforcement. Officer is noble. I get all of that. But at the end of the day, these are the good guys, wait until you hear and see the way to border patrol agents were treated on the campus of the university of Arizona this week by some a couple of snot nosed loud mouth college kids who think they have all the answers to everything as they all as they often do screech shrieking at these two border patrol agents who were invited by the school to speak about what they do as as border patrol agents. These these students were screaming, your KKK, your murderers, they Kirsch them, and they basically chased these two guys then you see them in their uniforms. They get their backpacks on their back. They're just young guys are border patrol agents being called murderers and Ku Klux klansman for for being border patrol agents and being invited by the university to speak. I mean, it is so reprehensible to see how and it is beyond. Doney does she how radicalized today's progressives. Are we've got the audio and the video of you wanna watch it on the stream it Mike online dot com as well. As listen to it on the radio here on your favorite radio station. You're going to hear a shocking exchange and more on the the.

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