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And I do think that there are a lot of people in this country that like kind of like Trump's anti-establishment stuff, but it shows up in polls like I don't like the tweets. Well, the tweets are a big deal. Yeah. The win. The tweets are inspiring radical frightening violent people, then that should really rise to the top of your how your voting we've seen this happen before to his lowest approval ratings came after Charlottesville after the Helsinki press conference with Putin. Putin just moments where he has totally dropped the ball in the worst way in his role as leader as national unifier as president. I mean like. People in the country do want someone who's going to console them during times of tragedy who's going to try to bring the country together who's going to try to rise above parson politics. He can't do any of those things. He's a part time president we know this because we read all the stories like the guy has like literally three hours in the middle of the day routinely where he just does nothing but watch TV in tweet. Right. So we know that he's not doing the job. Generally, there's part. There's parts of us are like, oh, that's probably good that he's not more effective. But you know, you can't hide when you've completely abdicated your role as a moral leader or a sort of a healer for the country and do think Democrats in this last week should think about including in their message when they're on the stump. Like, it is it is Democrats job in a way because there's such a vacuum of leadership on the Republican side to show people what real leaders sound like and look like, and what real leaders, do, you know, like I keep thinking of Andrew gillum, you know, closing statement in his. Debate with Rhonda Santa's when he said, you know in Trump's America, we've been led to believe that we've got a step on our neighbor's shoulder and they're back in their face in order to get ahead. While I reject that. And I do think we got to give people a reminder of what you know, America can be when it has relievers were willing to rise above all this bullshit. You know, and you saw I mean, you saw some of this in the wake of Pittsburgh CBS reported that de Masella Berrios and his family drove to Pittsburgh from New York City as an African American family who were also first responders too the Emanuel AME shooting in Charleston, and he said, you know, all faith communities. No matter nationality or race need to stick together. And support each other in times like these there was the leader of an Islamic center in Pittsburgh announces that the Muslim community has raised more than seventy thousand dollars synagogue attack victims, and of course, think about the Jewish center itself in that in the Jewish organization that was helping refugees were Muslims of that. We're targets the attack. Like, there's there's good in this country. And I think Democrats have to remind. People of what that isn't as final week. Just a real quick point on the refugees. I mean, Trump has demagogued the the concept of helping out refugees he isn't made that somehow an evil or bad thing. Right. Because he claims they're all ISIS. I mean, when you think like the history of the Jewish people were stateless, you know, who've had to flee the most horrific thing could ever imagined in the holocaust..

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