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Store dot com. I got a letter in the mail. I got to sign up for it because I'm kind of interested in. I wonder what why don't we have to sign up. Within seven days or the code will expire. I can't get on later. What if I got in like four months ago and they didn't even know it anyway. So that's what I got there. Speaking gotten there a here on the French I do a lot of work around the property and it involves a lot of heavy labor a lot of machinery and things of that nature and I like to keep you guys not up-to-date because there's so much so much stuff on your newsfeed on facebook. There's so much negativity. There's always these weird things that you just you. Your news feed on facebook. Just gets kind of saturated. That's rated with negatively or someone by fighting or biting against someone else and it's just sometimes it's just it's too much. It's too much so when I post on facebook through the Prophet Radio facebook page. I I like to keep it light. I like TEPA fluffy. I'd just like to show hey this is what's going on. There's a great friend of mine out there on Facebook uh-huh com joey Mac. I can't pronounce his whole entire name. You know what he does everything that he posts always positive. He's always posting stuff that he's getting ready to eat that. Someone has made form whether it'd be a sister his uncle or something he's made because he's a fulltime at home nanny for his sister he post stuff that he makes for his nieces and they're under the age of sixty five years old the can't operate machinery machinery cookware so he's always posting so he's always like hey friends and family. I you probably heard him on B. Be Heard Section a couple of times here brought radio and he's always posting these always positive always positive and I got a compliment the other day again on facebook. I always post stuff that I'm working out here in the yard or chopping down this section of the property and burn this driving a tractor here in pushing this over and doing all this stuff. I A friend of Mine Great High School. A friend of mine says you know what can you always look positive. You always look happy. You always look like you're you're getting it done and never really complaining about anything and I appreciate gate that and it kind of set me back a little bit. I was like wow you know someone. I wasn't doing it on purpose. I was just doing it like going. Hey this is what's going on. You know that type deal especially if you have kids everyone who has kids. I don't have kids so every time I see kids pictures on the stupid this scroll through scroll through growth so but it's the same thing so I posted a posted video. I posted a picture of me on the back side of the property home again. Make sure I get the right picture here on the back side of the property and if you're watching us under the tent he could see my computer monitor. Here's the stories are in real Thomas as far as I'm talking to him so make sure you subscribe to us on facebook or not facebook youtube that place so on facebook. I was getting inning ready to it for those of you. Don't know what Bush hogging is. Basically you take a tractor. it's got a front. Mine's got 'em bucket loader on the front and then. HLAVAC is called the PTO. Oh so he's got an actual drive system on the back and you can you can connect it kind of like those connects at riot. Has We have a Bush was essentially as this five foot steel blade. It's like a huge law. More that can knock down small trees and small tree stumps vegetation stuff that you just can't get a regular mower back there now. If you're watching this on the YouTube video I posted this little screen shot on me and what it isn't so I've got my headphones on Bluetooth headphones. I've got a a ahead wrap. It gets really dusty. When this thing fires up it kicks up dust all over the place. If you're going over dirt then I've got a mask on which is essentially a cut off at the bottom of a t shirt up to the armpits and then just wrapped it around my face. I wouldn't breathing all the dust and I don't have a shirt on. I posted this on the facebook. Feed Thinking you oh hey everyone. This is what's going on in my day. You know hope you're doing well and I'm just kind of sitting there. 'cause I know I look ridiculous and you could see the look on my face when I took the picture. I'm sitting on the tractor. I have no shirt on but yet. My head is covered with half a t shirt and my bottom. My nose or mouth is covered with the other half of the t shirt. I got my. GB L. headphones rocking profit radio so a good high school friend. The mine posted. I didn't even re- I just took the picture and posted up posted on. My facebook feed underneath the commented on the photo. I see your movies. I see your movies house cute and funny cute and funny cute and funny because I don't have a shirt on now. I work out on not on a regular basis but I do work out and so I have what they recall a a bodybuilders chess in the front. You ladies you know what I'm talking about a man with a big chest manly so I have a somewhat of a bodybuilders chest so rather than like fly in flat. I've got muscle definition in the front of course guys go to. It's you know Cook. You wear that type stuff for the most part that's the big Joe so I came across this picture which I'm posting on facebook feed and it was funny because it is literally an Asian man with his shirt off and he is drawn. You know who Danny Trae who is he's got the picture of the girl I forget the story behind it but he's got the big tattoo on his chest with a girl in the big a hat and say well this guy. I don't know if it's a tattoo on this guy but he has this Asian man for watching this under the tent has drawn an animated person female with her hand. Kinda doing the whole scissor thing over his nipples and using his nipples as her boobs and essentially I put up there. You know your facebook so there you go. It's an Asian man with a woman using his nipples as her nipples drawn on his chest so I thought it was kind of funny kind of funny and then all of a sudden I see this as well literally this picture right here. I guess a protest of to facebook and I found out that start earlier this year. At the start of the year there was a big protest as far as what is considered nudity and what is considered not nudity for the most part and it's this picture right here. If you're watching this under has a man I'm pointing as I'm doing this. At the same sometime becomes a phone. Call has a picture of a man that says society says this is okay and it's him with his shirt off and again he's got looks like a little bit of muscle development and next to him as a woman with the same size breast same size and it says society says this is not okay and it's her exposed breasts as well the pulse regardless storm facebook. The can't stop all of us. 'cause you know if you post something then you get banned for and facebook just spirals down in this whole entire thing now. I came across this article about this gentleman were they did a naked protests out front of the facebook headquarters and what they did this. It's it's so weird. It's so weird. They took pictures of what they said. Quote Unquote Male nipples and all these women stuff are laying out naked in front of the headquarters quarters of facebook and they cover their nipples with what they call are superimposed male nipples over their nipples and they're like on what's the difference. What's what's the difference. What's the difference and there's the big protests more than one hundred people laid nude on the sidewalk out front? You know to change the company censorship policy now what they actually ended up doing was you're allowed to on facebook breastfeeding topless woman as far as like protesting and stuff like that but you can't show anything that sexually stimulating well. I understand that's that's great now the reason why here's here's the argument that people have they say well why why can't a woman go topless in a man why can't can a woman not go topless and a man can go topless. Here's why for the most part society religion and I hate to bring religion into this and I'm kind of scuff on the heels of politics at the same time we as humans consider a woman's body you know they bear children so there's parts of a woman's body that a man of course doesn't have this between two of a man's word this sexual. Oregon is basically the penis and the woman's sexual organs are is her vagina and her breasts and the reason why because the breasts the breast can feed a child and is considered the sexual organ the the reason why I say this the way I'm going to back it up is so I worked at several strip clubs in the central Florida area and one of the things that you had to do you can have a out of out the three evils in a strip club and Florida area pay attention everyone at a three evils. You can only have two things in your club so the three evils are full nudity liquor. Kerr alcohol and contact. If you're in the Orange County area which is where I work. Actually I worked down in Dade County and all down there Broward County so you can have full nudity unity and liquor and and and all that stuff anyways I'm digressing here but what they in Orange County. You have to cover cover your nipples. The reason why and this is straight from from the main office we used to have they used to come in and show us how to check ID's. It's no different than working at a restaurant or bar. They show how to check. ID's MBA comes in and they also say the reason why you have to cover your nipples because the nipples itself on a female is considered a sex organ. I know it's a stretch but it is so essentially what you can do. It's the same reason why a woman wears a T. back because it covers their sexual organ in the the same thing why you have what they call banana slings or banana hammock same thing for a guy if it covers the what they considered a sexual organ so when you start. Why can't anyone do that because that's why they consider that a sexual organ you? Can you have to admit that the man's nipple and females nipple has two totally different purposes. I know so when you say free the nipple and people want to protest they can protest all day long. If you WANNA protests and show your boobs fine by title means go on there and show you booth but if you just WanNa take pictures of you in lingerie and being all sexy and seductive. I guess you can't do that. I guess you can't do that on the old facebook page so there you have it. Here's my rant and rave on public nudity and all that stuff when we come back. We're going to get into let's see. Do you WanNa talk about something. That hasn't happened in the last twenty. Years is already want to see how Google is helping us. All kinds still about your show right here on talk radio. I'll be right back.

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