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Journal ran has been a guest on this podcast many times and he joins me once again as we hit the end of. May Twenty Twenty John. First and foremost tower How are you and your family doing exactly the same Richard as we've as we've been for the past two and a half months hold groundhog day is a is for real down here in DC. Yeah sure everybody listening to this everywhere. Sort of Probably getting a little cabin fever. Seattle little kids as I do very much the NCWA tournament survive in advance. Basically on on a daily basis Hopefully we'll give you at least something. If you're into sports media something hopefully interesting and entertaining over the next hour so all right John The schedule again. Everything we're talking about here is sort of relies on testing and local and municipalities and states. Sort of Allowing sports to be played and league's getting together with their players association. So I'm GonNa ask you some questions sort of under the presumption that we can get to a place in sports where we hopefully can be understanding that there's so many contingencies at play that who knows ultimately what will happen. If the major sports John King get to where they would like to be over the next couple of months the schedule is going to be as crowded as it ever has been in sports So let's start with the macro question for you. What do you think this is gonNA mean regarding all the networks that have all these sports media properties So for sports viewers. It's GonNa be Awesome Because you're you're you're potentially going to have a situation where you have the any playoffs competing with the NBA Playoffs competing with college football completing a competing with pro football competing with in a golf majors. That have been pushed back. You Know Big horse races that have been pushed back You know pretty much everything And I think one of From a business standpoint though I it's not. It's not a disaster. The the network support one all of this. But you know what the Ad Market GonNa look like I. I mean died market already is pretty close to zero right now and the ad market going in there with a glut of high profile programming and programming competing again against each other. It's going to necessarily almost certainly Bring down the ratings So I can see an an ad market that you know Where the PRI-? The prices just dropped considerably The this off On top on top of that. I think one of the stories that I can't wait to see is what happens on a master Saturday when. Cbs HAS SEC. Going up with With the masters You know the how what will get relegated to. Cbs Sports Network. What would get relegated to another Viacom Channel and you can take that decision and put it on just about every single network could because the networks are going to have really hard decisions to make like do we preempt the NFL. Which almost certainly won't happen or do we. Preempt another like you know major longtime partner that those are going to be really interesting discussions from behind the scenes business standpoint. It's let a couple of questions on this John One Do you think the networks will work with each other to try to do their best? Even though it's an impossibility to To avoid any conflict do you think fox? Espn CBS NBC. In some kind of informal way. Get together to say. Hey you know. Nba Finals are on this date. Any way you guys can you know sorta work with your partners in the NHL to work around this. Did you know what I'm saying? Like will the maybe the League? Maybe the better question is maybe. The League's will get together to sort of do their best when it comes to scheduling but you wonder if the networks will make that ass to try to get a little bit of exclusive windows I find that really hard hard to believe. I've number one. You're going to ask network then to go back to other You know th they're league partners say a we were prioritizing the NBA. Even though it's going to be on. Abc I mean for for the. They don't do it anymore but there was a time where people did try to counter program. The Super Bowl. You know tried to Counter Program. You know other big events that are going to be on other Other networks and you know it. It is sort of a new era and you would think people would try to get together. But they're gonna be so many sports and everybody wants to be bring in their bid of AD sales that and they're gonNa just be too many sports what wh- what. What are you gonNa have them programming against the the NBA Finals? Because they're still gonNA have to have some sort of programming there. I if I were running in at work. I wouldn't really be listening to anybody unless they were going to be. You know floating some money. My white do you think there is Will there be some kind of thought from either the sports leagues or the networks to avoid Sunday. Nfl The NFL automatically is playing. Because the one thing that happens. John with this glut of with this glut of sports is strikes me that might be hard to avoid a Sunday in the fall this again presumes the NFL's back yeah I the NFL is The one Lee that has the most leverage over everybody and the NFL is not scared to use it and the NFL has a rights deal. That's coming up with all the networks that they're the they're in the process of negotiating and I would expect that a network like CBS. That wants to stay in business with the NFL where network like ESPN ABC. That has desperate to become a get a bigger piece of of the. Nfl SCHEDULE ISN'T GONNA do anything to overly upset the NFL And so you know with the NFL go to you know ESPN and say we don't want This a program on ABC to go against sort of Sunday afternoon NFL. To be honest. I find that hard to believe. I've never heard that happened in the past you know. Abc is a program network is trying to get Viewers as well. But if anybody was GONNA do that it would be the NFL. If anybody's going to do that successfully it would be the NFL. John you mentioned earlier..

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