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Very interesting situation for the cowboys. I'm sure you all know a dak prescott. Of course don on the mend rehabbing andy dalton right now on the reserve covid lists are hoping to have him back at this point some point. This season won't be this week. They played benvenuti last week. Two interceptions four sacks and. Apparently you just heard mike mccarthy. They're either going with garrett gilbert twenty nine year old well known to people in texas played. For the longhorns and the mustangs. But he's twenty nine. They could go with cooper rush. Neither guy has ever started a game. We're going to bring in john king and this morning a former cowboy's quarterback and a former cowboy's quarterback coach this morning. Excuse me some interesting perspective on this. He joins us this morning on the shell. Pennzoil performance line to just sort of. Take us inside the mind. What's going on right now with the cowboys quarterback first things first. John hard hitting question. What's your favorite bon jovi song. I mean i guess you'd have to go. I don't even know to be honest. Living on a prayer. But i have no idea yes so lockstep with us because that's apparently the only one we know is well more serious all right so help. We'll see we'll never lived down all right. Okay let's get down to brass tacks. Cooper rush never started a game. Garrett gilbert never started a game you got a seven no the only undefeated team in the league coming in. How did the cowboys manage this short-term and long-term with your experience as a player and a qb coach as they're in a tough spot When you're hit with injuries like this and you know the clear leader of your program has as a you know had a season and ending injury. It's tough and then you know. Add in the fact that you got a new staff and the coves stuff i mean. It's it's you know it's the perfect storm and You gotta team coming in pittsburgh that you know has had a lotta continuity and You know their defense. Is you know what pittsburgh defense is we will. We all know it to be so isn't tough deal. I how do you manage it It's about the professionals in that locker room all you know raising their game and and doing their job and making sure that they handled their part and But that's that's a tough deal. John when you look at it have been a quarterback. Coach obviously played the position yourself. Would you recommend out of the three guys that they have to choose from. Who should be starting this game against pittsburgh. I think the guy that you know can first of all leave the guys that are going to be in that huddle the best and the guys that are going to step into that huddle which which guy is going to give them the most confidence when they go on after you look i. I hate to admit it. But i've been in that situation as a player You know where your you know things are. You're kinda strapping. And you know when we were in cincinnati i think in I think it was two thousand two. I can't remember what year it was. But you know we were kinda scrapping and trying to figure out how to build a program and all that stuff and can't see came in. They were nine. And i believe chad. Course your guy goes out guarantees a win and You know kind of galvanize us and i'm not saying that that's what they should do but you know we're able to go out and and and and be cheese day but you know. I think it comes down to you. Know which quarterback is going to give the most confidence to those guys in the huddle plane and play out and you know. How do you know that you talk to the guys that are in the in that locker room. John kidding a former cowboy quarterback former kabwe coach and gm amongst many other teams that he played for the seahawks bingos alliance When you look at it. John should the cowboys and and they're already tanking. As far as i'm concerned just based on taking the field but should they be very cautious about ws opposed to a better draft position at this stage of the season. As you know the players. The locker room never talked about never really think too much about that stuff. This is too much competitive character. That's in that locker room and you know i've heard you guys talking about that in the last couple weeks and that that's a hard stance to take When when you're talking about competitiveness and and guys you know you're not guaranteed your next snap much less next year and so You know how do you sell that. I i. I don't know the fact that matter is they're missing a lot of really really good. Football players pro players some of the best players their positions. Some guys that are probably going to be you know. Have a chance to be in the hall of fame someday. That's a tough deal and You know. I think. I know i know what's in that organization and they compete for everything and and So that's that that'd be a tough sale. John what did you You know when you when you look at this whole thing. What do you think this team lost when dak prescott went down for man. Yeah you know thinking about this a lot you.

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