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You've read about this decides to yeah no fans allowed will livestream from a training facility Does this seem smart or is this just another example of Vince McMahon being a psycho pat? I think the ladder because I mean the main concern and the reason you've seen this uptick in MBA players is because they're in such close proximity and there's sweat and spit and even though even though wrestling is orchestrated and scripted. You're still going to be like they could still get it from each other. They're going to be sashaying faces. I think there's there's sweat and spit and that's just between Charles Oakley and James still extolling gets corona virus. Yes it is does one do you know are are nice way of getting him out of the next and I think is that someone should pose as a record executive and tell James Dolan that his blues band like jd and the shots are so good that he's going to have to give up in the next and tour whole time and then Knicks fans if you did a kick start Knicks fans a quiet kicks and the Knicks Fans. Just all supported it to get him out. How great would that be incredible right and then we just do it in a nice way where he thinks he's too around. We're be like man. You're mazing an like touring in the most remote parts of the world like dude. You have a huge following in Guam. I also think that James Dolan could see what's happening in the world right now and go. I could be president and that he would have to sell the neck to pursue his political dreams. So Charles Oakley I mean. We've always said either that or six of the twelve security guards that stop Charles Oakley just decide to go on a smoke break and just let him go either. Let it happen again and you and your Pacers Fan so for you to want the Knicks to be good. You're saying if for the good of the game like you want it for the good of basketball I'm against abuse and what J. Zolin does is abuse so it's like completely fan best. He's abused you saw the video when he made the players via part of his God. That's that's worse than the Michael Vick dogfighting scandal. It's so bad I mean it's true plantation owner psycho shed it and have you heard dead insult to injury. They had to listen to his band. I- Latrell Sprewell was on a triangle. Like what has happened to me. It's like it's like I was. I was joking. He's literally choking. Pj CARLESIMO six months ago. Yeah it was choking. The wrong guy is what he said. Anybody got and put it in Wisconsin all right so let me let me get to this last story and then we'll wrap it up and move on and replacement but So Todd Gurley. It's talking about getting released from the rams rainy nine saying are running backs like supermodels. Like after they turned twenty eight. They become persona non grata. Like get him Outta here. Forget about like Todd Gurley was and still is an enormous part of the rams. Yeah sure and yes. He was hurt a little bit but come on man. The guy was a huge reason why you went to the Super Bowl and a huge reason. Why you as the rams say you because I know you're not part of the Rams Organization Megan but I'm saying why the Rams like this is an insane choice to to to drop this guy. What the Hell is going? They lost their goddamn minds is what I'm asking. I had a fantasy football team. Three years ago name girly girls trademark. I always loved him. I do think and I I remember like becoming aware of this in the Mike. Shanahan ears where it was like he would just plugged someone into that Bronco System and I guess you see it more and more I wonder if girlies issue is that he's not one of those like sake guys like they seem the stocky guys ten to hold up a little bit better but if I found out todd Gurley was coming to the colts I would. I would be pretty. I mean Frank Gore was still valuable last year and he's forty five years of course seventy five years mark. Ingram is a guy that kind of fits that mold. He's like a little grey frank. Frank Frank Gore fought in Korea. You need to know that nobody. He is a veteran. Give him the respect. He deserved to break does he? Yell does another team pick him up. Do you think somebody else. I think absolutely I think this is the time of year where you just buy a bunch of stuff and then you let it play out at training camp. I mean that's how I feel about Philip Rivers. I think Koby per second still beat Philip rivers out training camp. Yeah that's true. I mean you should treat running backs like toilet paper at Costco just by DOT com. And you'll use them at some point. Let's start with seven and you end the season with half of one right. Stop now you start with seven and you end. The season with a bad day. Date ran days the equivalent of an empty backfield. Okay your head. That's an exactly we'll see. We're not even using it anymore. We're being so efficient. Well Megan Kelly. You are the greatest your podcast with your husband's C. J. Tola Donahue. We have to get on this podcast. Maybe you can figure out some way to get to. Him is the greatest dodgers people. It's called the greatest everybody on this. If you're looking for another awesome podcast to check out especially in this time or they can keep putting these things out. Great Em. We'll have you back. You have an open invite. We Love Talking Sports with you in just love hanging with us the bad stuff. I hope fatherhood is going okay for you right now. I mean you know we're like yeah I've been thinking you've been in my acid fares thoughts and prayers. I'd Mag thank you so much. We'll talk to you soon. Okay thank.

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