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Helps their exposure. Trust me. We think that <hes> it helps big time so just wanted to take do that now. Dave there wasn't any other news but at the same time you're a stack EEK right yeah I mean it's not really exactly stats. I wanted to talk about something with the start of training camp so I came up with a couple of Trivia questions going to ask you. I'll start off. It's just three questions and I'll start off with the easiest one because it'll be the most recent man right. We got a lot of people in the in the live chat wanting to do superjet stuff after Isaac. GotTa say it when you throw twenty dollars in and then you throw another comment on you can kind of almost let that one count as well that he said he's been following so long that it was back when it was the lousy lousy sounding show back in the day so he goes back to blog talk radio man I remember is he has to block. He's the guy in case you're just donated the Juju Smith Schuster Jersey to the program what that was a real fun giveaway and we have another giveaway coming up or you know what I'll tease it a little bit more. I mentioned it on another show. I'll he's a little bit more. I said it might have something to do with an with the possible all pro player with the steelers. It actually isn't all pro player at the steelers we are going to be giving away a signed David Decastro football so we'll have some details not coming out here in the future of what we're going to do is getting a couple of details together. <hes> should be a lot of fun but hey he's already a two-time all pro steeler so you can't take that away from them. That's a that's. That's a nice ball to half so let's go. I'll go ahead and dive into this jeff this dealing with training camp and kickoff of training camp so what let's let's go last year. Last year we start training camp comes in and of course you know you're always going to get a flux of players fires in and out. I actually have an article that will run some time in the next couple of days. It talks about when we expect players changes to the roster but last year there was a player added to the roster eighteen days after they reported a training camp. It was on August the twelfth. That player wasn't with anybody else they signed him and he ended up making the fifty three man roster for the entire season. Do you remember that player was was he a rookie. He was not not a rookie. He made three men roster. I can give you another hint. Okay go for it. I think he only dressed once at most twice banner. That would be one Zach banner your next hints your final was going to be. He's the guy that's always congratulating the field goal and extra point team if they were not the field you've ever seen him. They're doing that every game this enormous mammoth with a guy just out there slap hands with every guy from that team comes off. It's pretty neat so so remember there there's people and that wasn't even a trade like with the Ryan Switzer or anything like that. That was someone that they just picked up off the street into training camp on the fifty three all season so here. You know what I'm going to get back later because I think this is not as hard <hes> back in two thousand eleven what to former super bowl players players super bowl winners with the steelers were officially released on the day. The steelers reported a camp. They were there. They released two two players. I'm going to go ahead and say that they were both just to be Safeway that there are both within the top three rounds of the draft when they're drafted by the steelers. One of those players did end up coming back to the team later on in October but you remember what to Veterans Day..

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