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Their Father's Day trip tonight, soon, it was a good one for you. It was a nice if we had a perfect, no rain day. But, you know, it's pretty solid had its opportunities hope it was enjoyable to yes, it was fine. What have been nice by team didn't allow fifteen runs to the Tino chasing an standings. But that's okay. That's the way things are. Hey, I'll tell you this month. Our teams have not been exactly the most stellar, by the way, quality review, call on Saturday night. But is that the review call by your manager? I've been watching a little your team this weekend. Well, everyone's gonna be watching your team because they made a big trade this weekend, we're going to get to that, and big demotion, which, you know, it's fair a little bit later on. Of course, we've got everybody slugging Dennis ridiculous. Injuries promotions condom closers mirrored has browse here's the buzz. All right. So Edwin Encarnacion is a new member of the New York Yankees. He will be the everyday designated hitter and the first tweet I got about the trade was should I drop Luke Voight? And I wanted to reply come on. It's a matter with you, but look losing any playing time but I do want your taking fan because Giancarlo Stanton comes back on Tuesday. Aaron judge could be before the all star break. And that line of is ridiculous. They're gonna have gleyber Torres batting ninth indeed Gorey's eighth. That's crazy lineup. I've never seen a lineup so deep, I know that's absurd. But, but to be fair like Voight has been batting second in doing the job. He's probably going to drop down to like fifth or six and incre Nacional has been batting third and Seattle or fourth might bat six or seven th so, but I still like Edwin more now in Yankees gear than I do in Seattle, don't you? I do. I mean it's not by leaps and bounds..

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