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Yeah I mean that that but that's what inside linebacker is starting to look like so you know with comparisons like if you've ever bought a house in real estate it's cops right. It's just common three Bagpipe. Math this four hundred twenty five grand so I could see where people are looking at his physical capabilities and trying to see what that matches up from a comparison upside potential with different players. One thing about keithly and the same thing that said about Bush keithly very cerebral as well and the funny thing about Bush. Bush might be better athletically than keithly. So Sky's the limit for. Let's talk. I have one more question about the inside linebacker. Since we're talking about Devon Bush. I just feel like it's appropriate. Mike Tomlin openly said multiple times during two thousand nineteen in his press conferences. How with rookies like Deontay? Johnson and Devon Bush primarily the need to kind of rein them back a little bit. It's a long season much longer than a college football season. And that you later. In the season Devon Bush was wasn't the full-time linebacker. He was kind of in their in certain spots. Let's assume they keep Mark Baron and they don't cut him for cap space. Let's just make that assumption right now. How would you see Devon Bush's role from year one to year two? You see him being in every down linebacker and if so who's playing next to me has to play every now we're talking about upside if you can't be at every down linebacker then There's issue right. There's an absolute issue so my assumption is if you take him. That high in. He played as well as he did in his rookie season. You hope that he grows in terms of what's between his ears and his understanding of the defense that he can stay on the field for three plays you know that. He's an every down linebacker In terms of WHO's going to be next to him I would guess it's going to be Itchy I would guess that is GONNA be Vince. Williams given where the steelers are from a CAP perspective. I think that Mark Barron is a player that could be a cap casualty. Were replete with Devin Bush. This year's rookie. Did you expect more kind of neutral on it kind of neutral? I mean I'm a guy that likes to give rookies times to grow. I'm sort of a check that with me after three seasons and we can give. There's a lot more female WANNA player. You can give a better accurate Breakdown of what the play areas and what is potentially could be I think is pretty tough after a year. Because I think it's actually especially tough for players in their rookie season at bust out in a really good in their rookie season. It's like where do they go from here? You know. How do you add to your game? If you had that dominant rookie season you know how do you? How do you add those different layers dimensions to keep you at that level? Freezing up a little bit lanes I think lands is first areas all right. We're having some technical difficulties with Lance. Let's get him out of the Stream real quick glance. You're kind of breaking up there a little bit. I'm not sure if that's just on my end or if that's in general will make sure he is all squared away. Fryer to bring him back in The next topic that we're GONNA discuss. And if you're in the live chat right now you can certainly talk about it. I'll go ahead in. Bryn bent. Says he's technically difficult. He's difficult on more than one way. All right let's see if lands lands you. There we go on are you there. You're muted there buddy. Get your On major microphone on the screen. They're lands believe or not I. This is our first episode. But it's not as first time using the software. I'm yes it's the word in the corner. That says on Mute. Shocker all right so now we have the next topic. Which is we're going to switch from Devon Bush and we're GONNA go to Kevin Colbert. Kevin Colbert spoke with the media this week and he talked about a lot of stuff He talked about everything from Ben. Rothlisberger his recovery. He did that so far so good everything that he's heard everything that he is. You know gotten from coach Tomlin as well as the medical staff is that everything is good right now. Now is next appointments. Five days from now this is being recorded on the sixteenth. That's the twenty first of February That is when you have a the next step for Ben Rothlisberger. He talked about how everything's good there he talked about how for instance he is happy doing year by year with the Pittsburgh steelers and he stated even that along as the steelers will want him to be there he will be there because there was some speculation that when he went to that year by year contract that you know maybe he was kind of coming to the end of his rope that he didn't really do that anymore and I think people understood that he's been the general manager for a long time dating back to our time in Pittsburgh that he was extremely excited more so excited this year for this upcoming season and last season. That's not that we talked about on the preview. Lance want to get your thoughts on his comments. He is more excited for twenty twenty and he is then he was for twenty nineteen. What are your thoughts on that? Don't those are weird for first of all his contract situation feels weird to me he'd Air Lance Yom there. Can you hear me okay? Garrett accentuation feels weird to me. Why don't you just signed a long term deal? It's not like if you fire the guy it's GonNa be a capulet. It's not like it's GonNa be dead money against the cap so that that seems weird in terms of him doing it year to year. It's I mean it feels weird. So that's my comment about in terms of him being excited. That feels weird to but I but I can understand it because they have to do a lot of work to get this team ready to to compete for championship and I can understand the excitement. There from the offensive side of football like there are some serious questions. You don't know about your quarterback. I think from a talent perspective at the skill position. There some work to be needed to be done. I think at the offensive line. This is a lot of trench it there. At a rare transitional spot to me on the offensive side of football. So if you're a competitor understand why he's excited to build this to try to build this and try to get back to where he feels. Steelers should be in that's competing for championships. I loved it. I loved that he's excited. I think as a fan base. We wouldn't wanNA hear him not be excited because you better be excited If you haven't made the playoffs the last two seasons I mean you'd better be chomping at the bit to figure out whatever you have to do and I think for him. Less is more for him possibly. He has to do a lot more with a lot less this year so I think he's probably in a weird way excited about that. Like how can I get the most out of this? Draft with limited amount of draft picks. No first rounders. I'm excited to really show the league. That really good at evaluating talent and I'M GONNA make this draft one of the best even though I don't have a first round pick so I get where he's coming from. Yeah no I totally understand it to me when he talks about being excited for twenty twenty. Yeah more so than twenty thinking about what happened in Twenty Nineteen Antonio Brown Richard. Gummy gummy richards gone. Mr Thirty Fifth Gone But Negative Rob Latium Bell gone and so already on offense. You're losing two of your biggest playmakers and so you're still thinking okay. We're GONNA have a younger wide receiving corps. We still have that offensive line. Ben Rothlisberger GonNa be there and it's one of those things where you look at the the steelers now on twenty twenty and you have albeit a couple more proven commodities. James Washington showed a little bit and see doesn't nineteen. I think that obviously deontay Johnson showed a lot. If Ben Rothlisberger can come back and be healthy but especially the defense in twenty nine hundred nineteen. The defense was not what it was Oh I should say going into twenty nineteen. It was not what everyone thought it was going to be until we talked about the MINKA effect. And when they got Mak- Fitzpatrick everyone. Things seem to think that you know. It's IT'S INCREDIBLE. How one person can change defense but the stats. Don't lie so I'm kind of interested to see how this draft will pay play out A. We've talked off off air before about how we're kind of can we've convinced ourselves. Day should be going offensive. Line that second pick and the oftens line is where they could kind of transform this offense you want to speak on that a little bit. I if you guys have listened to my yeah I said it's over the last couple of weeks and I think this goes to what daddy is. Kennedy is saying about Dynamic Offensive Weapons and we've talked a lot about how it it's key to score close to twenty eight points per game and sort of have a point differential of about eight to ten points in how the passing game is where you win. I think in the National Football League. Now yes but all of that starts on your offensive line. If you're offensive line is good. You can be anything offensively. If you have a quarterback you can be a pound out team. You could be a passing team. You could be a play action offense you can be any type of offense you want but it all starts up front and I think there's a point where they have to make this offensive line as good as it can be because I think we saw you know an passed several years when he offense of line was very good. And of course it helped to have Mr but naked and Rob Mr Third and Fifth Aka Mr Comey Richards in all the other cast of characters but that offensive line was much better as well and so. I think they've got to get that offense of my back to humming top five in the National Football League status and then we can see where it goes on the offense aside football. I agree one hundred percent. So let's see how that plays out. Now let's go to our rundown and looking at the episodes podcast in the past week and like I said you might want to go back and check out if you missed. It gives you a little bit of our glimpse into those as well as our takes on the topics discussed in the headline of their shows. We'll start off at the steelers hangover. The ED show is going to be transitioning to the STEELERS Q. And A. Brian. Anthony Davis antennae diffused. Said they would like more of a free flowing free for all style show and so they'll still be a topic that they're going to discuss right off the bat and after that it's kind of your show they're going to get to it. Live chat and Brian. It might be a little little for talking about bad he he might actually be Hanover from the weekend. He might we don out. But anyways on this episode of the hangover they talked about how they believe and lands. I'll get your take on this that the positive strongly outweigh the negatives for the steelers. Heading into twenty twenty. This is looking at the entire team. Events offense everything he combined. Do you think the steelers positives outweigh the negatives heading into twenty twenty. Did they what what particular positives did they did? They name defense was strong obviously David went to special teams. Chris Boswell's playing kicking back in the two thousand seventeen form compared to eighteen Jordan Berry Sucks We know that They just talked about the offense though and in how you know you have a wide receiver like deonte Johnson. James Wash and you hope. Juju Smith Schuster comes back healthy And then obviously Ben Rothlisberger another are some negatives. The offensive line didn't play as well. James Connor gets hurt every season They couldn't run the ball. They didn't score even twenty eight points in the entire season so they weren't all positive they just said today today feels that the positives about this team outweigh the negatives heading into next season. Well in in light of the name of our show the homer in hater. I'm going to disagree. I I don't think there's not the out on. The defensive. Highlights are bright enough in positive enough to hide the fact that there are offense in transition. I don't think they have in the running game. I I think. All the backs are average The offensive line is aging..

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