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Critics of single payer proposals, including Medicare, for all warned that people may not want to go to medical school if they can't earn high salaries. Others have argued that pharmaceutical companies depend on high profit margins to produce groundbreaking new medicines. Breunig says similar systems and most of the world's developed countries have not deterred people from wanting to be doctors and nurses. Still earn higher than average salaries. He agrees. The surplus funds are necessary to develop new medicines, but says that money does not have to come through high drug prices. For example, the National Institutes of Health Fund a lot of drug research already, sometimes it grants money to academic researchers. Sometimes it grants money to companies are indeed money's got to be there, but you don't have to pay 100 times what other countries paying for insulin. Bruning adds that a single payer system would not replace or takeover hospitals and pharmacies and make health care decisions. It would simply reduce the number of companies that currently pay for health care for multiple insurers to just one this'd Eric Gladys reporting for the Colorado News connection. Fast food workers across the country went on strike today advocating for a federal increase of the minimum wage to $15 an hour. When Democrats gained control of Congress next month, they might Just get what they're asking for. Kpfk stamp. Same Anderson. Reports Maria Ruiz, McDonald's worker for 20 years stood outside of McDonald's restaurant on International Boulevard in Oakland today. As cars honking their horns clogged the drive through lane. She explains that while fast food and other workers have achieved a $15 minimum wage here in California, they must continue to advocate for that measure to be implemented nationwide. Mostly involved, well, speedy looking a lot of dollars. Sounds to me the way went on strike today because we are advocating for better working conditions and $15 an hour. For the federal level, and we're here as fast food workers to make sure that everyone knows that we need $15 an hour nationwide. The car caravan protest was part of a national fast food workers strike that took place today in at least 15 cities. In some states, fast food workers still make his little a 7 25 an hour fast food workers have also been on the front lines during the pandemic, many without access to paid sick leave this summer over 70. Oakland. Fast food workers in their family members tested positive for covert 19. We said that McDonald's has also not provided adequate PPE for their workers. Joseph Bryant is the president of the Service Employees International Union, or S, E i U for Northern California. He said he's heard some horror stories about conditions for fast food workers in the pandemic. Some of the most alarming have been worker who.

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