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You think trump did it many of you were deceived in your observations your observations are incorrect so what i'm getting at is we have an old line king like figure they try tournament to king lear mad king lear but he's not mad king lear raise your shakespeare you'll find out there are many different kings in shakespeare not all of them were mad king lear they got the king pot right he has a lot of kingly aspects chew him but not the madness scribe to king lear so those of you who are scholarly and literary out there and i know many of you listen to the show because i'm the only one am radio who even approaches the subjects and i know it for fact and some of you a super literate far more than i am especially in these areas where i'm rather let us say amateurish which king in shakespeare most closely approximates donald trump i'd like to know the answer to it because i don't know who it is it's not the mad king lear that they'd like to make him into but it's another king so which king would it be all of politics is just get the other guy it has no meaning whatsoever when you think about it and so if i tell you that the show on netflix narcos about the drug dealer from cali cartel was captured and killed a shootout escobar and the way he got there was by killing off all its competitors in business in america the hedge funds kill off the other hedge funds in virtually all walks of life in america because of competition whether the field is radio or others people will try to kill you nevertheless the point is not to complain to you it's to explain to you that the history of the world whether it's in business or in politics is always one of power and violence and screwing the competition and trying to destroy them and i mean i understand survival of the fittest that doesn't bother me i understand how the world works the part of this game that bothers me of the liars now we know the left always lies by pretending they represent the poor here you have one of the richest women on earth nancy pelosi making believe she represents the.

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