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Stopped for speeding in wyan dot with a young child in his car wwe's sandra mcneill reports lying down deputy police chief archie hamilton says a twenty month old in the backseat of the car was the driver's own grandchild the officers stopped the man for allegedly speeding on goddard on may third he could smell an older intoxicants and he he could tell the the man was struggling with his dexterity so you ask him if he had any call the drink and originally the man said no he doesn't drink anything he later admitted to drinking three drinks throughout the night however at a point to six that'd be false point two six over three times the legal limit and considered super drunk in michigan that carries a penalty of up to three months in jail along with fines and six points on the driver's license sandra mcneill ww jane is radio nine fifty crews are back on the cnn mccomb township at this hour in a grim search for the possible remains of missing children today marks the fifth day of methodical tedious digging their twenty three mile road in north avenue in mccomb county that's where several law enforcement agencies are digging for the remains of six missing girls the dig is near where convicted killer arthur ream buried thirteenyearold sindhis are zeki of east point officials have been calling on rim to help them out they believe kimberly king who disappeared from warren in nineteen seventy nine may be among the victims varied their scientists are concerned about large explosions from the crater of hawaii's kellaway volcano which could soon throw giant boulders and ash miles into the air cbs news correspondent carter evans is at the hawaii county civil defense agencies headquarters in hilo bieber gency operation center here has been the hub for disaster response since the eruption started more than a week ago but now with the threat of a volcanic explosion and the ashqout it could create they may soon have to expand their focus scientists are keeping a close eye on kill away and the levels of molten rock deep inside and geologists think conditions will be right for a major explosion within the next few days experts say as long as people stay out of the closed areas of the national park around the volcano if the explosion happens it won't be deadly no win situation that's how members of frazier city council described their decision.

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